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1970 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
69   SD     James Gilbert            Adams State
70   SF     Levi Fontaine            Maryland State
71   Det    Bill Jankans             Long Beach State
72   Bos    Tom Carter               Paul Quinn
73   Cin    Uluss Thompson           Wiley
74   Sea    Boyd Lynch               Eastern Kentucky
75   Clev   Wayne Sokolowski         Ashland
76   Port   Ron Knight               Cal State–Los Angeles
77   Buff   Robert Moore             Central State (OH)
78   Phoe   John Canine              Ohio
79   Chi    George Johnson           Dillard
80   Phil   Perry Wallace            Vanderbilt
81   LAL    John Fultz               Rhode Island
82   Atl    Bob Riley                Mount St. Mary's
83   Balt   Gary Zeller              Drake
84   Mil    Mike Grosso              Louisville
85   NYK    Jim Oxley                Army

Sixth Round
86   SD     Mike Kretzer             East Tennessee
87   SF     Vic Bartolome            Oregon State
88   Det    Seviro Brown             DePaul
89   Bos    Rod McIntyre             Jacksonville
90   Cin    Charles Bishop           Louisiana Tech
91   Sea    Sam Robinson             Long Beach State
92   Buff   Doug Hess                Toledo
93   Port   George Janky             Dayton
94   Clev   Joe Cooke                Indiana
95   Phoe   Joe Thomas               Marquette
96   Chi    Lonnie Kluttz            North Carolina A&T
97   Phil   Jerry Venable            Kansas State
98   LAL    Jerry Kroll              Davidson
99   Atl    Dave Parker              Windham
100  Balt   Marvin Polnick           Stephen F. Austin
101  Mil    Willy Watson             Oklahoma City
102  NYK    Jim Signorile            New York University