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1970 DRAFT
New York, NY

Eleventh Round
171  SD     Ron Belton               Bellarmine
172  Det    Rick Anhauser            North Carolina State
173  Cin    Ted Hillary              St. Joseph's (IN)
174  Sea    Andy Owens               Florida
175  Clev   Dave Schneider           Wayne State
176  Port   Don McClemore            Bowling Green
177  Buff   Dick Walker              Wake Forest
178  Phoe   Jim Walls                Clark
179  Chi    Doug Howard              Brigham Young
180  Phil   David Whitley            Tufts
181  LAL    Bob Duklet               Boston College
182  Atl    Deno Mengham             None (Italy)
183  Balt   Mel Bell                 Houston

Twelfth Round
184  SD     Jim Brooks               Nebraska
185  Det    Don Ogletree             Cincinnati
186  Cin    Reggie Roach             Virginia State
187  Sea    John Brunson             Furman
188  Port   Paul Adams               Central Washington
189  Clev   Ollie Taylor             Houston
190  Phoe   Ric Cobb                 Marquette
191  Chi    Booker Brown             Middle Tennessee
192  LAL    Dewey Varner             Tuskegee
193  Balt   Ben McGilmer             Iowa