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1970 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifteenth Round
214  SD     Jay Bond                 Washington
215  Det    Dennis Clark             Springfield (MA)
216  Cin    Mike Neer                Washington & Lee
217  Clev   Steve Wannamaker         Drake
218  Port   John Canady              Miami (FL)
219  Phoe   Walt Williams            Miami (OH)
220  Chi    Paul Otay                Boise State
221  LAL    Will Teague              Youngstown
222  Balt   Ted Rose                 Northern Michigan

Sixteenth Round
223  SD     Dean Olofson             Wayne State
224  Det    Harvey Mariatt           Eastern Michigan
225  Cin    Paul Favorite            Georgetown
226  Port   Doug Williams            St. Mary's (TX)
227  Clev   Steve Wilson             Hanover
228  LAL    Pete Walthour            Fort Valley
229  Balt   Don Rather               Northern Arizona

Seventeenth Round
230  SD     Dennis Dickens           Azusa
231  Clev   Bob Peterson             Concordia
232  LAL    Bob Thati                Occidental
233  Balt   Vince Fritz              Oregon State

Eighteenth Round
234  SD     Jeff Cunningham          California–Irvine
235  Port   Bruce Butchko            Southern Illinois
236  Clev   John Cannon              Grambling

Nineteenth Round
237  SD     Rick Erickson            Washington State
238  Clev   Allen Waller             St. Mary's (Kansas)
239  Port   Mark Gabriel             Hanover