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1971 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
69   Clev   Brian Mahoney            Manhattan
70   Buff   Garry Nelson             Duquesne
71   Port   Hector Blondet           Murray State
72   Cin    Jim Guymond              Eastern New Mexico
73   Cin    Tyrone Marionneaux       Loyola (LA)
74   Sea    Jeff Smith               New Mexico State
75   SD     Rudy Benjamin            Michigan State
76   SF     Odis Allison             Nevada–Las Vegas
77   Balt   Don Johnson              Tennessee
78   SD     Greg Nelson              Jacksonville
79   Det    Vincent White            Savannah State
80   Phil   Richard Hood             Phillips
81   LAL    Lee Dedmon               North Carolina
82   Phoe   Ken Gardner              Utah
83   Chi    Larry Weatherford        Purdue
84   Phoe   Bob Kissane              Holy Cross
85   Mil    Barry Nelson             Duquesne

Sixth Round
86   Clev   Mike Childress           Colorado State
87   Buff   Glen Summors             Gannon
88   Port   Jim Day                  Morehead State
89   Cin    Gil McGregor             Wake Forest
90   Atl    Willie Humes             Idaho
91   Sea    Mike Neciase             William Carey
92   SD     Garry Reist              Rice
93   SF     Charlie Johnson          California
94   Balt   John Novey               Mount St. Mary's
95   Bos    Thorpe Weber             Vanderbilt
96   Det    Jim Larranga             Providence
97   Phil   Jake Jones               Assumption
98   LAL    Bill Brickhouse          Montana State
99   Phoe   William Graham           Kentucky State
100  Chi    Jim England              Tennessee
101  NYK    Bill Mainor              Fordham
102  Mil    Ed Kemp                  Adams State