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1971 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
137  Clev   Rich Walker              Bowling Green
138  Buff   Gary Stewart             Canisius
139  Port   Gene Kennedy             Texas Christian
140  Atl    Ernie Fleming            Jacksonville
141  Sea    Larry Holliday           Oregon
142  SD     Willie Kerry             Denver
143  SF     Clarence Smith           Villanova
144  Balt   Ron Johnston             Murray State
145  Bos    Ray Green                Cal State (PA)
146  Det    Paul Botts               Central Michigan
147  Phil   Tom Lee                  Arizona
148  LAL    Bob Cheeks               Whittier
149  Phoe   Mike Johnson             Kansas State
150  Chi    Jackie Dinkins           Voorhees
151  NYK    Mike O'Brien             St. Leo's
152  Mil    Rick Howat               Illinois

Tenth Round
153  Clev   Jim Meredith             Washington State
154  Buff   Don Ward                 Colgate
155  Port   Greg Starrick            Southern Illinois
156  Atl    Ron Rippitoe             David Lipscomb
157  Sea    Ed Huston                Puget Sound
158  SD     Calvin Oliver            Pan American
159  SF     Bill Drosdiak            Oregon
160  Balt   Eddie Myers              Arizona
161  Bos    Dale Dover               Harvard
162  Det    Steve Butcher            Pikeville
163  Phil   Jim Dinwiddie            Kentucky
164  LAL    Cliff Mosely             Quinnipiac
165  Phoe   Tom Newell               Hawaii
166  Chi    David Withers            Delaware
167  NYK    Andy Toth                Cheyney State
168  Mil    Dan Fife                 Michigan