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1971 DRAFT
New York, NY

Thirteenth Round
196  Clev   Bobby Jones              Drake
197  Buff   Pete Smith               Valdosta State
198  Atl    Ed Jenkins               Michigan Lutheran
199  SD     Lee McCollough           Indiana
200  Balt   Ron Crosswhite           Dayton
201  Bos    Leroy Chalk              Nebraska
202  Det    Willie Roberson          Wyoming
203  Phil   Hank Commodore           NW Oklahoma
204  Phoe   Ron Dorsey               Tennessee State
205  Chi    Ed Goode                 DePaul
206  NYK    Larry Duckworth          Henderson State
207  Mil    Pierre Russell           Kansas

Fourteenth Round
208  Clev   Bubbles Harris           Indiana
209  Buff   Ray Lavender             Drury
210  SD     Gene Roberson            Canisius
211  Balt   Rudolph Peele            Norfolk State
212  Det    Art Davis                J. C. Smith
213  Phoe   Ken Booker               UCLA
214  Chi    Richard Dixon            Loyola (LA)
215  NYK    Jack O'Connor            Grant Falls
216  Mil    George Jackson           Dayton