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1971 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifteenth Round
217  Clev   Larry Baker              Wittenberg
218  Buff   William Chatmon          Baylor
219  SD     Terry Guigg              Gonzaga
220  Balt   James Morrell            Norfolk State
221  Det    James Fleming            Alcorn A&M
222  Phoe   Curtis Carter            Bishop
223  Chi    Liscio Thomas            Furman
224  Mil    Loyd King                Virginia Tech

Sixteenth Round
225  Clev   Vance Tyree              Wisconsin State
226  Buff   James Douglas            Memphis
227  SD     Leonard Jackson          Oregon
228  Det    Fred Smiley              Detroit
229  Chi    Bob Bissant              Loyola (LA)

Seventeenth Round
230  Buff   Nelson Isley             Louisiana State
231  SD     Steve Sims               Pepperdine
232  Det    Leroy Jenkins            Detroit

Eighteenth Round
233  Buff   Joey Meyer               DePaul
234  SD     Carlos Quintar           Mexico City
235  Det    Ike Bundy                Detroit Tech

Nineteenth Round
236  SD     Gary Schneider           San Diego State
237  Det    Ed Jenkins               Shaw