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1972 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
98   Port   Bob Lynn                 Long Beach State
99   Buff   Greg Kohls               Syracuse
100  Clev   Steve Davidson           West Texas State
101  Det    Bruce Anderson           Arizona
102  Cin    Mike Sneed               Fayetteville
103  Phil   Curtis Pritchett         St. Augustine
104  Hous   Mike Jackson             Cal State-Los Angeles
105  Atl    Billy Pleas              Detroit
106  Balt   Marvin Brown             Jackson State
107  Sea    Jerry Dunn               Western Kentucky
108  NYK    Tracy Tripucka           Lafayette
109  Phoe   Bernie Fryer             Brigham Young
110  GS     William Franklin         Purdue
111  Bos    Steve Previs             North Carolina
112  Chi    Jerry Pender             Fresno State
113  Mil    Mickey Davis             Duquesne

Eighth Round
114  Port   Ruben Vance              Kent State
115  Buff   Andy Denny               South Alabama State
116  Clev   Roger Evans              Kent State
117  Det    Ben Kelso                Central Michigan
118  Phil   Jim Kopp                 Rockhurst
119  Cin    Jerry Clack              Oklahoma
120  Hous   Henry Harris             Auburn
121  Atl    Oscar Evans              Butler
122  Balt   Jim Floyd                Shaw
123  Sea    Willy Stoudamire         Portland State
124  NYK    Tom Corde                Ohio
125  Phoe   Russell Golden           Jackson State
126  GS     John Burks               San Francisco
127  Bos    Sam McCarney             Oral Roberts
128  Chi    Cavin Anderson           Valley City
129  Mil    Charles Kirkland         Cheyney