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1972 DRAFT
New York, NY

Eleventh Round 
157  Port   Jimmy Wilkins            San Diego State 
158  Buff   Jim Prokell              Edinboro State 
159  Cin    Floyd Mathew             Northern Arizona 
160  Atl    Charles Allen            Texas Southern 
161  Balt   Marvin Watkins           Jackson State 
162  Sea    Steve Turner             Vanderbilt 
163  NYK    Chic Downing             Benedictine 
164  Phoe   John Belcher             Arkansas State 
165  Bos    Mark Minor               Ohio State 
166  Chi    Jackie Young             Rocky Mountain 

Twelfth Round 
167  Buff   Frank Dewitt             Virginia 
168  Cin    Len Baltimore            George Washington 
169  Atl    James Green              Paine College 
170  Balt   Lloyd Adams              Rhode Island 
171  Sea    Gregg Daust              U. of Missouri (St. Louis) 
172  Phoe   Mark Soderberg           Utah 
173  Bos    Phil Stephens            South Carolina State 
174  Chi    Al Cotler                Penn