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1972 DRAFT
New York, NY

Thirteenth Round 
175  Port   Larry Morris             Tulsa 
176  Buff   Kim Huband               U. of North Carolina 
177  Cin    Kent Scott               Pittsburgh 
178  Balt   Mike Krawzyk             Loyola (Md.) 
179  Phoe   Kelly Utley              Shaw 
180  Chi    Mike Barr                Duquesne 

Fourteenth Round 
181  Port   Paul Kelley              Shaw 
182  Buff   Greg Corson              North Carolina 
183  Cin    Bob Allen                Missouri 
184  Balt   Aubrey Nash              Kansas 
185  Sea    Cleveland Hill           Nicholas State 
186  Phoe   Ray Golson               West Texas State 
187  Chi    Andrew Pettes            Oklahoma