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1973 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
36  Atl    Ted Manakas              Princeton
37  Clev   Jim O'Brien              Maryland
38  Buff   Ken Charles              Fordham
39  Chi    Martin Terry             Arkansas
40  Clev   Ozzie Edwards            Oklahoma City
41  Clev   James Lister             Sam Houston State
42  Phoe   Joe Reaves               Bethel (TN)
43  Phoe   Steve Mitchell           Kansas State
44  Det    Dwight Lamar             SW Louisiana
45  Atl    Leonard Gray             Long Beach State
46  GS     Jim Retseck              Auburn
47  Chi    Steve Newsome            Houston
48  Cap    Tom Kozelko              Toledo
49  NYK    Allie McGuire            Marquette
50  Det    Larry Kenon              Memphis State
51  Hous   E. C. Coleman            Houston Baptist
52  Bos    Martinez Denmon          Iowa State

Fourth Round
53  Phil   Darrel Minniefield       New Mexico
54  Buff   Doug Little              Oregon
55  Port   William Averitt          Pepperdine
56  Sea    June Harris              North Carolina A&T
57  Clev   Luke Witte               Ohio State
58  Hous   Lee Colburn              South Dakota State
59  Mil    Clyde Turner             Minnesota
60  Phoe   Ron Robinson             Memphis State
61  Det    Ken Brady                Michigan
62  Atl    James Brown              Harvard
63  GS     Ron King                 Florida State
64  Chi    Mark Sibley              Northwestern
65  Cap    Aaron Stewart            Richmond
66  NYK    George Karl              North Carolina
67  Mil    Harry Rogers             St. Louis
68  LAL    Larry Finch              Memphis State
69  Bos    Richie Fuqua             Oral Roberts