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1973 DRAFT
New York, NY

Eleventh Round
166  Phil   Rod Freeman              Vanderbilt
167  Port   Ed Payne                 Wake Forest
168  Buff   Mike Lee                 Syracuse
169  Clev   Floyd Lewis              Harvard
170  Phoe   Lynn Greer               Virginia State
171  Det    Len Paul                 Akron
172  Cap    Dale Adams               St. Mary's (MD)
173  NYK    Charles Edge             LeMoyne-Owen
174  Bos    Ed Hastings              Villanova

Twelfth Round
175  Phil   Connie Warren            Xavier (OH)
176  Buff   Aaron Covington          Canisius
177  Port   Rick Holdt               North Carolina State
178  Clev   Chris McMurray           San Diego State
179  Phoe   Lyman Williamson         Samford
180  Det    Clarence Carlisle        Ferris State
181  Cap    Mike Battle              George Washington
182  Bos    Bruce Winkler            Santa Clara