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1973 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifteenth Round
194  Phil   Lionel Harris            Cincinnati
195  Buff   John Fraley              Georgia
196  Clev   Reese Stovall            Pan American
197  Cap    W. Shorty Simmons        St. Mary's (MD)
198  Bos    James Gilchrist          Florida Southern

Sixteenth Round
199  Phil   Larry Robinson           Tennessee
200  Buff   John Green               Oregon
201  Clev   Tom O'Connor             Iowa
202  Bos    Sam Barber               Bethune Cookman

Seventeenth Round
203  Phil   Tony Prince              St. John's
204  Buff   James Garvin             Boston University
205  Clev   Phil Elderkin            Boston University
206  Bos    Lamont King              Long Beach State

Eighteenth Round
207  Buff   Don Johnston             North Carolina
208  Bos    Peter Gavitt             Maine

Nineteenth Round
209  Buff   Ron Thornson             British Columbia
210  Bos    Tom Austin               Massachusetts

Twentieth Round
211  Buff   Phil Tollestrop          Brigham Young