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1974 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
73   Phil   Gary Crowthers           Hardin-Simmons
74   Port   Bernard Hardin           New Mexico
75   Clev   Gary Novak               Notre Dame
76   Phoe   Ralph Bobik              Creighton
77   Hous   Owen Wells               Detroit
78   KC-O   Terry Compton            Vanderbilt
79   Atl    Tyrone Medley            Utah
80   Sea    Dean Tolson              Arkansas
81   Buff   Tony Byers               Wake Forest
82   NO     Ed Searcy                St. John's
83   GS     Steve Erickson           Oregon
84   LAL    Seymour Reed             Bradley
85   Wash   Gary Anderson            Washington
86   NYK    Greg Jackson             Guilford
87   Det    Joe Newman               Temple
88   Chi    Randy Knowles            Texas A&M
89   Bos    Ben Clyde                Florida State
90   Mil    John Johnson             Denver

Sixth Round
91   Phil   Mark Westra              Southern California
92   Port   Dan Anderson             Southern California
93   Clev   Aron Stewart             Richmond
94   Phoe   Collis Temple            Louisiana State
95   Hous   Lawrence Johnson         Prairie View
96   KC-O   Ron Kennedy              Arizona
97   Atl    Sam Hervey               Southern Methodist
98   Sea    Wardell Jackson          Ohio State
99   Buff   Gary Link                Missouri
100  NO     Lawrence McCray          Florida State
101  GS     John Errecart            Pacific
102  Wash   Roy McPipe               Eastern Montana
103  LAL    Billy Morris             St. Louis
104  NYK    Terry Mikan              St. Thomas
105  Det    Mike Sylvester           Dayton
106  Chi    Robert Rosier            St. Thomas
107  Bos    Gene Harmon              Creighton
108  Mil    Larry Williams           Kansas State