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NBA Draft 1974
By Class:
Senior's 1st RD: 14
Senior's 2nd RD: 15
Junior's 1st RD: 2
Junior's 2nd RD: 2
Sophomore's 1st RD: 1
Freshmen 1st RD: 1
Total Selected: 36
By Position:
Centers: 3
Power Forwards: 14
Small Forwards: 8
Shooting Guards: 8
Point Guards: 3
1974 Draft Day Trades
Trades between teams sent and recieved

From Cleveland:
First Round Draft Pick (1974) 
Dick Snyder 

From Seattle:
Tom Burleson 

New York 
From Chicago:
Howard Porter 
Second Draft Pick (1975) 

From New York:
First Round Draft Pick (1974) 
Future Draft Considerations

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