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1975 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
37  NO     Rudy Hackett             Syracuse
38  NO     Jim McElroy              Central Michigan
39  Phil   Jim Baker                Hawaii
40  GS     Otis Johnson             Stetson
41  Phil   Charles Cleveland        Alabama
42  Port   Tom Roy                  Maryland
43  Mil    Brian Hammel             Bentley
44  Det    Pete Trgovich            UCLA
45  Clev   Ted Hathaway             Cleveland State
46  NYK    John Ramsey              Seton Hall
47  Hous   Rudy White               Arizona State
48  Wash   Tom Kropp                Kearney State
49  KC-O   Bob Guyette              Kentucky
50  Port   Gus Gerard               Virginia
51  GS     Robert Hawkins           Illinois State
52  Buff   George Bucci             Manhattan
53  Bos    Jerome Anderson          West Virginia
54  Phoe   Bayard Forrest           Grand Canyon 

Fourth Round
55  NO     Mack Coleman             Houston Baptist
56  LAL    C.J. Kupec               Michigan
57  Atl    Monte Towe               North Carolina State
58  Phoe   Sam McCants              Oral Roberts
59  Phil   Louis Dunbar             Houston
60  Mil    Bill Campion             Manhattan
61  Port   Phil Hicks               Tulane
62  Clev   Eric Fernsten            San Francisco
63  NYK    David Vaughn             Oral Roberts
64  Det    Lindsay Hairston         Michigan State
65  Hous   Ken Smith                Tulsa
66  Sea    Jim Moore                Utah State
67  KC-O   Kevin Cleuss             St. John's
68  Chi    Ron Haigler              Penn
69  GS     Billy Taylor             La Salle
70  Buff   Bob Fleischer            Duke
71  Wash   Fessor Leonard           Furman
72  Bos    Cyrus Mann               Illinois State