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1975 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
109  NO     Bill Higgins             Ashland
110  LAL    Rick Suttle              Kansas
111  Atl    Gus Johnson              Winona State
112  Phoe   Dave Edmunds             Western Georgia
113  Phil   Mike Flynn               Kentucky
114  Port   Steve Fields             Miami (OH)
115  Mil    Wilbur Thomas            American
116  Clev   Shawn Leftwick           Jacksonville
117  NYK    Peter Davis              Michigan State
118  Det    Ike Williams             Armstrong State
119  Hous   Nate Barnett             Akron
120  Sea    Hollis Miller            Drury (MO)
121  KC-O   Wayne Croft              Clemson
122  Chi    John Grochowalski        Assumption
123  GS     Stan Boyer               Wyoming
124  Buff   Mike Franklin            Cincinnati
125  Bos    Al Boswell               Oral Roberts
126  Wash   Fletcher Johnson         Randolph-Macon

Eighth Round
127  NO     Harvey Carmichael        Kentucky State
128  LAL    Mike Cashman             Willamette
129  Atl    Oscar Jackson            Duquesne
130  Phoe   Jack Schrader            Arizona State
131  Phil   Freeman Blade            Eastern Montana
132  Mil    Bob McCurdy              Richmond
133  Port   Charley Neal             Oregon State
134  NYK    Jerry Homan              Marquette
135  Det    John Kelley              Dillard
136  Clev   Andre McCarter           UCLA
137  Hous   Leon Johnson             Centenary
138  Sea    Ken McKenzie             Montana
139  KC-O   Jim Bostic               New Mexico State
140  Chi    John Murphy              Massachusetts
141  GS     Mike Rozenski            St. Mary's (CA)
142  Buff   Allen Jones              Pepperdine
143  Wash   Bruce Hamming            Augustana
144  Bos    Roger Morningstar        Kansas