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1975 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
145  NO     Fred Stokes              Barber Scotia
146  Atl    Dave Schlesser           Morningside
147  Phoe   Owen Brown               Maryland
148  Phil   Larry Harralson          Drake
149  Port   Quintin Braxton          Portland
150  Mil    Eric Hays                Montana
151  Det    Terry Thomas             Detroit
152  Clev   Skip Howard              Bowling Green
153  NYK    Tim van Blommesteyn      Princeton
154  Hous   Steve Storther           Providence
155  Sea    Rich Haws                Utah State
156  Chi    Gary Tomaszewski         St. Mary's (TX)
157  GS     Scott Trobbe             Stanford
158  Buff   George Rautins           Niagara
159  Bos    Robert Rhodes            Albany State (GA)
160  Wash   Doug Brookins            Creighton

Tenth Round
161  NO     Aleksander Belov         Soviet Union
162  Atl    Vic Kelly                Hawaii
163  Phoe   Mike Moon                Arizona State
164  Phil   Rick Reed                Azusa Pacific
165  Mil    Romy Thomas              Eau Claire
166  Port   Tyree Foster             Portland
167  Clev   Eric Anderson            McAlister
168  NYK    Mo Rivers                North Carolina State
169  Det    Mickey Fox               St. Mary's (Canada)
170  Sea    Jerry Bellotti           Santa Clara
171  GS     Maurice Harper           St. Mary's (CA)
172  Buff   Art Allen                Pepperdine
173  Wash   Mike Fahey               Brandeis
174  Bos    Bill Endicott            Massachusetts