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1976 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
35  Chi    Dallas Smith             West Texas State
36  LAL    Mike Dabney              Rutgers
37  Chi    Lars Hansen              Washington
38  Det    Phil Sellers             Rutgers
39  Port   Jeff Tyson               Western Michigan
40  Mil    Lloyd Walton             Marquette
41  NYK    John McGill              Alcorn State
42  NO     Steve Copp               San Diego State
43  LAL    Tom Abernethy            Indiana
44  Hous   Barnes Hauptfuhrer       Princeton
45  Phoe   Ira Terrell              Southern Methodist
46  Atl    Larry Cooke              Virginia Polytechnic
47  Phil   Ron Norwood              DePaul
48  Buff   Gary Brewster            Texas-El Paso
49  Wash   Bill Cook                Memphis State
50  Clev   Gary Cole                Wisconsin-Parkside
51  Bos    Jerry Fort               Nebraska

Fourth Round
52  Chi    Keith Starr              Pittsburgh
53  Atl    Tom Barker               Hawaii
54  KC     Clarence Ramsey          Washington
55  Det    Scott Thompson           Iowa
56  Port   David Everett            Grand Canyon
57  NYK    Rick Bullock             Texas Tech
58  NO     John Service             UC-Santa Barbara
59  Mil    Dan Frost                Iowa
60  LAL    Wayman Britt             Michigan
61  Hous   Hercle Ivy               Iowa State
62  Phoe   Paul Miller              Oregon State
63  Sea    Willie Parr              LeMoyne-Owen
64  Phil   Freeman Blade            Eastern Montana
65  Wash   Marion Hillard           Memphis State
66  Clev   John Engles              Penn
67  Bos    Lewis Linder             Kentucky State
68  GS     Jeff Fosnes              Vanderbilt