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1976 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
69   Chi    Nate Williams            Illinois
70   Atl    Ron Davis                Washington State
71   KC     Willie Hodge             Duke
72   Det    Jim Hearns               Marymount
73   Port   Gary Reddings            Auburn
74   NO     Paul Griffin             Western Michigan
75   Mil    Tom Lockhart             Manhattan
76   NYK    Beaver Smith             St. John's
77   Mil    James Rappis             Arizona
78   Hous   Dave Marrs               Houston
79   Phoe   Ralph Walker             St. Mary's (CA)
80   Sea    Robert Gray              Wichita State
81   Phil   Jeff Browne              Missouri Western
82   Atl    Connie White             California
83   Wash   L.C. Mason               Alabama State
84   Clev   Ed Lawrence              McNeese State
85   Bos    Louis McKinney           St. Louis
86   GS     Carl Bird                California

Sixth Round
87   Chi    Tom Paulin               Winston-Salem
88   Atl    Pete Padgett             Nevada-Reno
89   KC     Andre McCarter           UCLA
90   Det    Russell Davis            Virginia Tech
91   GS     Duane Barnett            Stanford
92   Mil    Phil Spence              North Carolina State
93   NYK    Joe Jones                Grambling
94   NO     Barnard Tomlin           Hofstra
95   LAL    Ed Schweitzer            Stanford
96   Hous   Robert Paige             Houston Baptist
97   Phoe   Carl Brown               Eastern Kentucky
98   Sea    Darrell Peterson         Wake Forest
99   Phil   Mike Dunleavy            South Carolina
100  Buff   Danny Odums              Fairfield
101  Wash   Pat Tallent              George Washington
102  Clev   Harry Davis              Morris Brown
103  Bos    Art Collins              Biscayne
104  GS     Gene Cunningham          Norfolk State