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1976 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
105  Chi    Barry McLeod             Centenary
106  Atl    Carl Gerlach             Kansas State
107  KC     Craig Prosser            Canisius
108  Det    Curt Peterson            Puget Sound
109  Port   Al DeWitt                Weber State
110  NYK    Boyd Batts               Nevada-Las Vegas
111  NO     Andy Walker              Niagara
112  Mil    Ron Barrow               Southern
113  LAL    Tommie Lipsey            Cal State-Los Angeles
114  Hous   Barry Davis              Texas A&M
115  Phoe   Brad Warble              East Illinois
116  Sea    Mark Klein               Malone
117  Phil   Phil Walker              Millersville
118  Buff   Frank Jones              Tennessee Tech
119  Wash   Ralph Vallott            Loyola (IL)
120  Clev   Johnny Britt             Western Kentucky
121  Bos    Ralph Drollinger         UCLA
122  GS     Jesse Campbell           Mercyhurst

Eighth Round
123  Clev   Dave Koehler             Wisconsin
124  Atl    Doug Terry               Utah
125  KC     Mike Davis               Bradley
126  Det    Randy Heary              Illinois State
127  Port   Brant Gibbler            Puget Sound
128  NO     Richard Bryant           SW Texas State
129  Mil    Bob Warner               Maine
130  NYK    Rick McCutcheon          Arizona State
131  LAL    Ed Gregg                 Utah State
132  Hous   Dan Kruger               Texas
133  Phoe   Tom DeBerry              Northern Arizona
134  Sea    Norton Barnhill          Washington State
135  Phil   Lee Dixon                Hardin-Simmons
136  Buff   Mark McAndrew            Providence
137  Wash   Merlin Wilson            Georgetown
138  Clev   Tim Sisneros             Middle Tennessee
139  Bos    John Clark               Northeastern
140  GS     Stan Boskovich           West Virginia