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1976 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
141  Chi    John Thomas              Connecticut
142  Atl    Bob Kovach               San Diego State
143  KC     Dave Logan               Colorado
144  Det    Bill Martin              Hartwick
145  Port   Rob Torresdal            Linfield
146  Mil    Benny Shaw               Florida Tech
147  NYK    Archie Talley            Salem (WV)
148  NO     Calvin Robinson          Mississippi Valley
149  LAL    David Pickett            NE Louisiana
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
150  Phoe   John Irving              Hofstra
151  Sea    Ron Johnson              North Carolina A&T
152  Phil   Fly Williams             Austin Peay
153  Buff   Bob Rozyczko             St. Bonaventure
154  Wash   Clyde Agnew              Newberry
155  Clev   Bruce Parkinson          Purdue
156  Bos    Bill Collins             Boston College
157  GS     Howard Smith             San Francisco

Tenth Round
158  Chi    John Hudson              Concord
159  Atl    Mike Dickerson           South Florida
160  KC     Harry Bailey             North Texas State
161  Det    Bob Johnson              Wisconsin
162  Port   Marcus Leite             Pepperdine
163  NYK    Eugene Shy               Florida
164  NO     Art Johnson              Iowa State
165  Mil    Hugo Cabrera             East Texas State
166  Phoe   Gary Jackson             Arizona State
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
167  Sea    Ricky Lewis              Alcorn State
168  Phil   Ed Stefanski             Pennsylvania
169  Buff   Tim Stokes               Canisius
170  Wash   Mike Beuscher            Seton Hall
171  Clev   Elisha McSweeney         Mankato State
172  Bos    Otho Tucker              Illinois
173  GS     Ken Smith                San Diego State