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1977 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
89   NYN    Gerald Cunningham        Kentucky State
90   Buff   Mike Hanley              Niagara
91   Mil    Ron Norwood              DePaul
92   Atl    Bill Gordon              Tennessee-Chattanooga
93   Phoe   Cecil Rellford           St. John's
94   NO     Jim Grady                Gonzaga
95   Ind    Marvin Jackson           Prairie View A&M
96   Sea    Dale Haberman            McKendree
97   KC     Bob Chapman              Michigan State
98   NYK    Bill Terry               Monmouth
99   Clev   Al Smith                 Jackson State
100  Bos    Bill Langloh             Virginia
101  Chi    Nate Davis               South Carolina
102  Det    Jim Kennedy              Missouri
103  SA     Scott Sims               Missouri
104  GS     Ray Epps                 Norfolk State
105  Wash   Bruce Parkinson          Purdue
106  Hous   Ed Thompson              Idaho State
107  Port   Donn Wilber              La Salle
108  Phil   Teko Wynder              Tulsa
109  Den    John Billups             Mississippi
110  LAL    John Robinson            Michigan

Sixth Round
111  NYN    Mark Crow                Duke
112  Buff   Curvan Lewis             Virginia Union
113  Mil    Chuck Goodyear           Miami (OH)
114  Atl    Calvin Crews             SW Louisiana
115  Phoe   Billy McKinney           Northwestern
116  NO     Wayne Golden             Tennessee-Chattanooga
117  Ind    Tom Scheffler            Purdue
118  Sea    Bucky O'Brien            Seattle
119  KC     Bob Cooper               Providence
120  NYK    Jerry Graycraft          Milligan
121  Clev   Ron Cox                  East Washington State
122  Bos    Roy Pace                 Rutgers-Camden
123  Chi    Jay Chessman             Brigham Young
124  Det    Herb Nobles              Kansas
125  SA     Bruce Buckley            North Carolina
126  GS     Jack Phelan              St. Francis (PA)
127  Wash   Ernie Wansley            Virginia Tech
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
128  Port   Myron Jordan             Pacific
129  Phil   George Gibson            Winston-Salem
130  Den    Jim Town                 Massachusetts
131  LAL    Grover Woolard           Murray State