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1977 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
132  NYN    Scott Conant             Newberry
133  Buff   Mike Jackson             Tennessee
134  Mil    Ron Bostic               Detroit
135  Atl    James Holliman           Arizona State
136  Phoe   Alvin Scott              Oral Roberts
137  NO     Lusia Harris             Delta State
---  Ind    PASS                     ------------
138  Sea    Billy Reynolds           NW Louisiana
139  KC     Bruce Jenner             Graceland
140  NYK    Tom Weadock              St. John's
141  Clev   Bob Riddle               Eastern Michigan
142  Bos    Dave Kyle                Cleveland State
143  Chi    Mike Smith               Evansville
144  Det    Robert Lewis             Johnson C. Smith
145  SA     Richard Robinson         New Mexico
146  GS     Jerry Thurston           Mercer
147  Wash   Calvin Brown             American
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
148  Port   Don Smith                Oregon State
149  Phil   Dennin Forest            Nebraska-Omaha
150  Den    Willie High              Alabama State
151  LAL    Lars Hansen              Washington

Eighth Round
152  NYN    Ralph Drollinger         UCLA
153  Buff   Emery Sammons            Philadelphia Textile
154  Mil    Larry Pikes              Wisconsin-Milwaukee
155  Atl    Vern Thompson            Brigham Young
156  Phoe   Alvin Joseph             California-Riverside
157  NO     Dave Speicher            Toledo
---  Ind    PASS                     ------------
158  Sea    Jeff Frey                Evansville
---  KC     PASS                     ------------
159  NYK    Ken Slappy               St. Peter's
160  Clev   Tom Cutter               Western Michigan
161  Bos    Tom Harris               Bowling Green
162  Chi    Rich Rhodes              Eastern Illinois
163  Det    Tim Appleton             Kenyon
164  SA     Jerome Gladney           Arizona
165  GS     Ricky March              Manhattan
166  Wash   Pat McKinley             Towson State
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
167  Port   Harold Rhodes            Washington
168  Phil   John Olive               Villanova
169  Den    Len Saunders             Florida
170  LAL    Art Allen                Pepperdine