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1978 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
45  NJ     Mike Phillips            Kentucky
46  Den    Hollis Copeland          Rutgers
47  Hous   Billy Ray Bates          Kentucky State
48  Buff   Mike Santos              Utah State
49  KC     Jeff Cook                Idaho State
50  Bos    Dana Skinner             Merrimack
51  Buff   Ricky Gallon             Louisville
52  KC     Mike Russell             Texas Tech
53  Chi    Randy Ayers              Miami (OH)
54  Atl    Steve Grant              Manhattan
55  NYK    Marc Iavaroni            Virginia
56  GS     Steve Neff               Bethany Nazarene
57  Clev   Ken Higgs                Louisiana State
58  Wash   Rick Apke                Creighton
59  Mil    Pat Cummings             Cincinnati
60  LAL    Michael Cooper           New Mexico
61  Sea    Dave Baxter              Michigan
62  NJ     Dave Batton              Notre Dame
63  Phoe   Joel Kramer              San Diego State
64  SA     Gerald Henderson         Virginia Commonwealth
65  Buff   Marvin Dalph             Arkansas
66  Port   Sterling Edmunds         Dartmouth

Fourth Round
67  Hous   Jackie Robinson          Nevada-Las Vegas
68  Buff   Jim Boylan               Marquette
69  Hous   Joel Thompson            Michigan
70  KC     Jeffrey Crompton         North Carolina
71  Ind    Ricky Lee                Oregon State
72  Bos    Dave Nelson              Bloomfield (NJ)
73  Buff   Larry Harris             Pittsburgh
74  NO     Mel Davis                North Texas State
75  NO     Jeff Covington           Youngstown State
76  Buff   Leroy McDonald           Wake Forest
77  GS     Derrick Jackson          Georgetown
78  Clev   Stan Rome                Clemson
79  NYK    Erving Giddings          Dayton
80  Mil    Otis Howard              Austin Peay
81  Wash   Larry Boston             Maryland
82  LAL    Harold Robertson         Lincoln
83  Sea    Billy Lewis              Illinois State
84  NJ     Walter Jordan            Purdue
85  Phoe   Bob Miller               Cincinnati
86  SA     Rich Adams               Illinois
87  Phil   Brett Vroman             Nevada-Las Vegas
88  Phoe   Wayne Smith              California-Irvine