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1979 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
45  Utah   Arvid Kramer             Augustana (SD)
46  Wash   Andrew Parker            Iowa State
47  Chi    Calvin Garrett           Oral Roberts
48  Det    Terry Duerod             Detroit
49  Chi    Cedrick Hordges          South Carolina
50  NYK    Geoff Huston             Texas Tech
51  NJ     John Gerdy               Davidson
52  Mil    Larry Gibson             Maryland
53  Bos    Wayne Kreklow            Drake
54  GS     Lynbert Johnson          Wichita State
55  SD     Tom Channel              Boston U
56  Port   Mickey Fox               St. Mary's (Canada)
57  Atl    Don March                Franklin & Marshall
58  Phil   Earl Cureton             Detroit
59  Hous   Ricardo Brown            Pepperdine
60  LAL    Walter Daniels           Georgia
61  Bos    Ernesto Malcolm          Briarcliff
62  KC     Terry Crosby             Tennessee
63  SA     Sylvester Norris         Jackson State
64  Phoe   Al Green                 Louisiana State
65  Clev   Bill Laimbeer            Notre Dame
66  Wash   Charles Floyd            High Point

Fourth Round
67  Utah   Greg Deane               Utah
68  Bos    Nick Galis               Seton Hall
69  Mil    Eugene Robinson          NE Louisiana
70  Clev   Rick Swing               Citadel
71  NYK    Larry Rogers             SE Missouri State
72  Chi    George Maynor            East Carolina
73  Sea    James Donaldson          Washington State
74  Ind    Don Newman               Idaho
75  GS     Ron Ripley               Wisconsin-Green Bay
76  Hous   Sammy Drummer            Georgia Tech
77  SD     Lionel Garrett           Southern
78  Port   Daryll Robinson          Appalachian State
79  LAL    Ray White                Mississippi State
80  Hous   Lionel Green             Louisiana State
81  LAL    Ricky Reed               Temple
82  GS     Jerry Sichting           Purdue
83  Phil   Mike Niles               Cal State-Fullerton
84  SA     Al Daniel                Furman
85  KC     John McCullough          Oklahoma
86  Phoe   Malcolm Cesare           Florida
87  Sea    Richie Allen             Cal State-Dominguez Hills
88  Wash   Lamont Reid              Oral Roberts