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1979 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
129  Utah   Paul Poe                 Louisiana
130  Bos    Steve Castellan          Virginia
131  Clev   Steve Skaggs             Ohio
132  Det    Ken Jones                St. Mary's (CA)
133  Chi    Mike Eversley            Chicago State
134  NYK    Marc Coleman             Seton Hall
135  NJ     Jim Strickland           South Carolina
136  Ind    Dirk Ewing               Stetson
137  GS     Ren Watson               Virginia Commonwealth
138  Mil    Stan Ray                 Cal State-Fullerton
139  SD     Jene Grey                LeMoyne
140  Port   Jeff Tropf               Central Michigan
141  Atl    Tim Waterman             St. Bonaventure
142  Phil   Bobby Willis             Penn
143  Hous   Rich Valavicius          Auburn
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
144  Den    John Johnson             Creighton
145  KC     Nick Daniels             Xavier (OH)
146  SA     Tyrone Branyan           Texas
147  Phoe   Ollie Matson             Pepperdine
---  Sea    PASS                     ------------
---  Wash   Ineligible Player        ------------

Eighth Round
148  Utah   Keith McDonald           Utah State
149  Bos    Glenn Sudhop             North Carolina State
150  Det    Rodney Lee               Memphis State
151  Clev   Mark Haymore             Massachusetts
152  NYK    Billy Tucker             Tennessee State
153  Chi    Tony Warren              North Carolina State
154  NJ     Henry Hollingsworth      Hofstra
155  GS     Mario Butler             Briarcliff
156  Mil    Larry Spicer             Alabama-Birmingham
157  Ind    Brian Magid              George Washington
158  SD     Renaldo Lawrence         Appalachian State
159  Port   Willie Pounds            Chaminade
160  Atl    John Goedeke             Maryland-Baltimore County
161  Hous   Delbert Watson           East Tennessee State
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
162  Den    Matt Teahan              Denver
163  Phil   Rick Raivio              Portland
---  SA     Ineligible Player        ------------
164  KC     Tony Vann                Alabama-Huntsville
165  Phoe   Charles Jones            Albany State
---  Sea    PASS                     ------------
166  Wash   Jo Jo Walters            Manhattan