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1980 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
47  Den    Kurt Nimphius            Arizona State
48  Den    Eddie Lee                Cincinnati
49  GS     John Virgil              North Carolina
50  Chi    James Wilkes             UCLA
51  Den    Ron Valentine            Old Dominion
52  NJ     Lowes Moore              West Virginia
53  Clev   Stuart House             Washington State
54  Bos    Ron Perry                Holy Cross
55  Clev   Wayne Abrams             Southern Illinois
56  Port   Mike Harper              North Park
57  Dall   Dave Britton             Texas A&M
58  NYK    Kurt Rambis              Santa Clara
59  Phoe   John Campbell            Clemson
60  SA     Lavon Mercer             Georgia
61  SA     Rich Yonakor             North Carolina
62  KC     Tony Murphy              Southern
63  Mil    Al Beal                  Oklahoma
64  Det    Jonathan Moore           Furman
65  Phoe   Doug True                California
66  Sea    Carl Bailey              Tuskegee
67  Phil   Reggie Gaines            Winston-Salem
68  Clev   Ron Jones                Illinois State
69  Bos    Donald Newman            Idaho

Fourth Round
70  Det    Darwin Cook              Portland
71  GS     Robert Scott             Alabama
72  Utah   Alan Taylor              Brigham Young
73  Den    Sammie Ellis             Pittsburgh
74  Chi    Ron Charles              Michigan State
75  NJ     Rory Sparrow             Villanova
76  SD     Ed Odom                  Oklahoma State
77  Clev   Murray Brown             Florida State
78  Ind    Rich Branning            Notre Dame
79  Port   Kelvin Henderson         St. Louis
80  Dall   David Johnson            Weber State
81  Wash   Francois Wise            Long Beach State
82  NYK    Joseph Chmelich          Wisconsin
83  SA     Calvin Roberts           Cal State-Fullerton
84  Hous   Dean Hunger              Utah State
85  Phil   Billy Bryant             Western Kentucky
86  Mil    Jeff Wolf                North Carolina
87  LAL    Tony Jackson             Florida State
88  Phoe   Leroy Stampley           Loyola (IL)
89  Sea    Gary Ray Hooker          Murray State
90  Phil   Harold Hubbard           Savannah State
91  LAL    Ron Baxter               Texas
92  Bos    Kevin Hamilton           Iona