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1980 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
180  Det    Terry Dupris             Huron
181  Utah   Paul Renfro              Texas-Arlington
182  GS     Billy Reid               San Francisco
183  Chi    Jay Shidler              Kentucky
184  Den    Jim Graziano             South Carolina
185  NJ     Barry Young              Colorado State
---  SD     PASS                     ------------
186  Ind    Scott Rogers             Kenyon
187  Clev   Melvin Crafter           Central State (OH)
188  Port   Rich Boucher             Maine
189  Dall   Ken Williams             Houston
190  NYK    Don Wiley                Monmouth
191  Wash   Clinton Wyatt            Alcorn State
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
192  SA     Al Williams              North Texas State
193  KC     Charley Cole             Delta State
194  Mil    Del Yarbrough            Illinois State
195  Atl    Stanley Lamb             Steubenville
196  Phoe   Keith French             North Park
197  Sea    Jim Tillman              Eastern Kentucky
198  Phil   Luke Griffin             St. Joseph's
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
199  Bos    Brian Jung               Northwestern

Tenth Round
---  Det    Ineligible Player        ------------
200  GS     Tim Higgins              Kearney State
201  Utah   Leroy Coleman            Middle Tennessee
202  Den    Earl Sango               Regis
203  Chi    Billy Foster             Eastern Montana
---  NJ     Ineligible Player        ------------
---  SD     PASS                     ------------
---  Clev   PASS                     ------------
204  Ind    John Bates               West Virginia
205  Port   Dave Kufeld              Yeshiva
206  Dall   Tom Morgan               Cal State-Fullerton
207  Wash   Don Youman               Oklahoma State
208  NYK    Gerald Ross              Grand Canyon
209  SA     Steve Schall             Arkansas
---  Hous   Ineligible Player        ------------
---  KC     Ineligible Player        ------------
210  Mil    Melvin Crayton           Alabama State
---  Atl    Ineligible Player        ------------
211  Phoe   Randy Carroll            Kansas
212  Sea    Kent Williams            Texas Tech
213  Phil   Joe Hand                 Kings (PA)
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
214  Bos    John Nolan               Providence