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1981 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
184  Dall   John Hollinden           Indiana State-Evansville
185  Det    Eddie Baker              Alcorn State
186  NJ     Rudy Williams            Providence
187  Clev   Paul Roba                Cleveland State
188  Utah   Ken Ollie                Wyoming
189  Atl    Howard Thompkins         Wagner
---  Sea    PASS                     ------------
190  SD     Art Jones                North Carolina State
191  Den    Andrew Burton            Austin Peay
192  GS     Doug Murrey              San Jose State
193  Wash   Eddie Brown              Valdosta State
194  KC     Mike Perry               Richmond
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
195  Ind    Scott Whitley            William & Mary
196  Port   Sid Williams             San Jose State
197  Chi    Terry Martin             Lambuth (TN)
198  NYK    Marty Headd              Syracuse
199  SA     Leonel Marquetti         Hampton Institute
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
200  Phoe   Brian Johnson            Colorado
201  Mil    Chip Rucker              Northeastern
202  Phil   Ron Wister               Temple
203  Bos    Greg McCray              Virginia Commonwealth

Tenth Round
204  Dall   Scott Bolanko            Northern State College
205  Det    Melvin Maxwell           Western Michigan
206  NJ     Vic Sison                UCLA
207  Utah   Joe Merten               Wisconsin-Eau Claire
208  Clev   Greg Boone               Augsburg
209  Atl    Mike Frazier             Georgetown
---  Sea    PASS                     ------------
210  SD     Tony Gwynn               San Diego State
211  Den    Derrick Rowland          Potsdam State
212  Wash   Ralton Way               Houston Baptist
213  GS     Barry Brooks             USC
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
214  KC     Mark Wilson              Fort Hays State
215  Ind    Rodney Benson            Wright State
216  Chi    Kenny Easley             UCLA
217  Port   Steve Cochran            Lewis & Clark
218  NYK    Kevin Rogers             St. Peter's
219  SA     Alvin Brooks             Lamar
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
220  Phoe   Felton Sealey            Oregon
221  Mil    Artie Green              Marquette
222  Bos    Ken Matthews             North Carolina State
223  Phil   Pete Mullenberg          Delaware