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1982 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
47  Clev   Michael Wilson           Marquette
48  SD     Craig Hodges             Long Beach State
49  Utah   Steve Trumbo             Brigham Young
50  Dall   Corny Thompson           Connecticut
51  KC     Jim Johnstone            Wake Forest
52  NYK    Dan Caldwell             Washington
53  Chi    Tyrone Adams             Kansas State
54  LAL    Willie Jones             Vanderbilt
55  Utah   Jerry Eaves              Louisville
56  Atl    Joe Kopicki              Detroit
57  NYK    Craig Tucker             Illinois
58  Wash   Mike Largey              Upsala
59  NJ     Jimmy Black              North Carolina
60  GS     Chris Engler             Wyoming
61  Phoe   Charles Pittman          Maryland
62  Den    Roylin Bond              Pepperdine
63  Hous   Chuck Nevitt             North Carolina State
64  SA     Willie Redden            South Florida
65  Sea    John Greig               Oregon
66  Port   Phillip Lockett          Alabama
67  LAL    Mike Hackett             Jacksonville
68  Phil   Dale Solomon             Virginia Tech
69  Bos    Perry Moss               Northeastern

Fourth Round
70  Clev   Reggie Hannah            South Alabama
71  SD     Darius Clemons           Loyola (IL)
72  Utah   Mark Eaton               UCLA
73  Dall   Rudy Woods               Texas A&M
74  KC     Mike Sanders             UCLA
75  NYK    Norm Anchrum             Alabama-Birmingham
76  Chi    Chuck Aleksinas          Connecticut
77  Ind    Jeff Jones               Virginia
78  Det    Walker Russell           Western Michigan
79  Port   Eric Smith               Georgetown
80  NJ     James Griffin            Illinois
81  Wash   Dino Gregory             Long Beach State
82  NJ     Tony Brown               Arkansas
83  GS     Ken Stancell             Virginia Commonwealth
84  Den    Alford Turner            SW Louisiana
85  Hous   Andre Gaddy              George Mason
86  Phoe   Rory White               South Alabama
87  SA     Tony Grier               South Florida
88  Sea    Ken Owens                Idaho
89  Mil    Jerry Beck               Middle Tennessee
90  LAL    Craig McCormick          Western Kentucky
91  Phil   Bruce Atkins             Duquesne
92  Bos    Greg Stewart             Tulsa