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1982 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
139  Clev   Randy Reed               Kansas State
140  SD     Ed Hughes                Colorado State
141  Utah   Thad Gardner             Michigan
142  Dall   Bob Grady                Northwestern
143  KC     Perry Range              Illinois
144  NYK    Phil Seymore             Canisius
145  Chi    Chuck Verderber          Kentucky
146  Ind    Brad Leaf                Evansville
147  Det    Dean Marquardt           Marquette
148  Atl    Horace Wyatt             Clemson
149  Port   Terry Long               Lamar
150  Wash   Wendell Gibson           South Carolina
151  NJ     Tony Anderson            UCLA
152  GS     Matt Waldron             Pacific
153  Den    Jeb Barlow               North Carolina
154  Hous   Mike Helms               Wake Forest
155  Phoe   Phil Ward                North Carolina-Charlotte
156  SA     Delonte Taylor           North Texas State
157  Sea    Allen Rayhorn            Northern Illinois
158  Mil    Bobby Austin             Cincinnati
159  LAL    Maurice Williams         USC
160  Phil   Keith Hilliard           SW Missouri State
161  Bos    Phil Collins             West Virginia

Eighth Round
162  Clev   Monty Knight             Virginia Commonwealth
163  SD     Jacques Tuz              Colorado
164  Utah   Rick Campbell            Middle Tennessee
165  Dall   Keith Peterson           Arkansas
166  KC     Ed Nealy                 Kansas State
167  NYK    Dan Terwilliger          Siena
168  Chi    Mike Burns               Nevada-Las Vegas
169  Ind    Donald Reese             Bradley
170  Det    Brian Nyenhuis           Marquette
171  Port   Dave Porter              Western Oregon
172  Atl    James Ratiff             Howard
173  Wash   Ken Luck                 Delaware
174  NJ     Otis Jackson             Memphis State
175  GS     Mark King                Florida Southern
176  Hous   Dan Callandrillo         Seton Hall
177  Phoe   Rick Elrod               Georgetown (KY)
178  Den    Donny Speer              Alabama-Birmingham
179  SA     Chris Faggi              Memphis State
180  Sea    Steve Burks              Washington
181  Mil    Bryan Leonard            Illinois
182  LAL    Micah Blunt              Tulane
183  Phil   Donald Seals             Jackson State
184  Bos    Ed Spriggs               Georgetown