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1982 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
185  Clev   Tony Hafley              South Alabama
186  SD     John Hegwood             San Francisco
187  Utah   Riley Clarida            Long Island
188  Dall   Ralph McPherson          Texas-Arlington
189  KC     Jack Moore               Nebraska
190  NYK    Merle Scott              South Carolina State
191  Chi    Skip Dillard             DePaul
192  Ind    Mike Scearce             Purdue 
193  Det    Kevin Smith              Michigan State
194  Atl    Pierre Bland             Elizabeth City
195  Port   Mark Dearborn            St. Joseph's
196  Wash   James Terry              Howard
197  NJ     Gary Johnson             Oral Roberts
198  GS     Nick Morken              Tennessee
199  Phoe   Ken Lyles                Washington
200  Den    Dean Sears               UCLA
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
201  SA     Harry O'Brien            St. Mary's (TX)
---  Sea    PASS                     ------------
202  Mil    Robert Tate              Idaho State
203  LAL    Tim Byrne                Rutgers
204  Phil   George Melton            Cheyney State
205  Bos    Panayoti Giannakis       Hellenic

Tenth Round
206  Clev   Durand Walker            Marion
207  SD     Daryl Stovall            Creighton
208  Utah   Michael Edwards          New Orleans
209  Dall   Albert Culton            Texas-Arlington
210  KC     Robert Estes             Iowa State
211  NYK    John Leonard             Manhattan
212  Chi    Tony Britto              Campbell
213  Ind    Craig Summers            Wisconsin-Stout
214  Det    David Coulthard          York (Canada)
215  Port   Grant Taylor             California-Irvine
216  Atl    Ronnie McAdoo            Old Dominion
217  Wash   Donald Sinclair          North Carolina Central
218  NJ     Sean Tuohy               Mississippi
219  GS     Randy Whieldon           California-Irvine
220  Den    Mike Phillips            Niagara
---  Hous   PASS                     ------------
221  Phoe   Dale Wilkinson           Idaho State
222  SA     Keith White              McMurray
---  Sea    PASS                     ------------
223  Mil    Bob Coenen               Wisconsin-Eau Claire
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
224  Phil   Randy Burkert            Drexel
225  Bos    Landon Turner            Indiana