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1983 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
94  Hous   Chuck Barnett            Oklahoma
95   Ind    Roger Stieg              Mississippi
96   Clev   Chris Logan              Holy Cross
97   SD     Manute Bol               None (Sudan)
98   Chi    Tim Andree               Notre Dame
99   GS     Greg Hines               Hampton Institute
100  Utah   Mark Clark               Oklahoma
101  Det    Ken Austin               Rice
102  Dall   Jim Lampley              Arkansas-Little Rock
103  Wash   Robin Dixon              New Hampshire
104  Atl    Charles Jones            Oklahoma
105  NYK    Troy Lee Mikell          East Tennessee
106  KC     Lorenza Andrews          Oklahoma State
107  Den    James Braddock           North Carolina
108  Port   Gary Monroe              Wright State
109  Sea    Brad Watson              Washington
110  NJ     Tyren Naulls             Texas A&M
111  Mil    Mark Petteway            New Orleans
112  SA     Jeff Pehl                Richmond
113  Phoe   Rick Lamb                Illinois State
114  Bos    Bob Reitz                Stonehill
115  LAL    Danny Dixon              Alabama A&M
116  Phil   Mike Milligan            Tennessee State

Sixth Round
117  Hous   Jim Stack                Northwestern
118  Ind    Cliff Pruitt             Alabama-Birmingham
119  Clev   Mel McLaughlin           Central Michigan
120  Mil    Russell Todd             West Virginia
121  Chi    Ernest Patterson         New Mexico State
122  Utah   Fred Gilliam             Clemson
123  GS     Tom Heywood              Weber State
124  Det    Derek Perry              Michigan State
125  Dall   Billy Allen              Nevada-Reno
126  Wash   Donald Carroll           St. Augustine's
127  Atl    Tom Bethea               Richmond
128  NYK    Tony Simms               Boston U
129  Den    Glenn Green              Murray State
130  KC     Alvis Rogers             Wake Forest
131  Port   Derrick Pope             Montana
132  Sea    Tony Wilson              Western Kentucky
133  NJ     Oscar Taylor             New Orleans
134  Mil    Charles Hurt             Kentucky
135  Phoe   Edward Bona              Fordham
136  SA     Ricky Hooker             St. Mary's (TX)
137  Bos    Paul Atkins              Houston Baptist
138  LAL    Mark Steele              Colorado State
139  Phil   Sedale Threatt           West Virginia Tech