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1983 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
140  Hous   Brian Kellerman          Idaho
141  Ind    Tony Brown               Indiana
142  Clev   John Columbo             John Carroll
143  SD     Dan Evans                Oregon State
144  Chi    Jacque Hill              USC
145  GS     Peter Williams           Utah
146  Utah   Joe Kazanowski           Victoria (Canada)
147  Det    Rob Gonzalez             Colorado
148  Dall   Terrell Schlundt         Marquette
149  Wash   Danny Womack             Winston-Salem
150  Atl    Lex Drum                 Alabama-Birmingham
151  NYK    Desi Barimore            Fresno State
152  KC     Dane Suttle              Pepperdine
153  Den    Maurice McDaniel         Catawba
154  Port   Paul Little              Penn
155  Sea    Tony Gattis              Mercer
156  NJ     Keith Bennett            Sacred Heart
157  Mil    Anthony Hicks            Xavier (OH)
158  SA     Keith Williams           Panhandle State
159  Phoe   Fred Brown               Virginia Commonwealth
160  Bos    Roy Jackson              Providence
161  LAL    Ricky Mixon              Cal State-Fullerton
162  Phil   Tony Bruin               Syracuse

Eighth Round
163  Hous   Jeff Bolding             Arkansas State
164  Ind    Ray McCallum             Ball State
165  Clev   Larry Tucker             Lewis (IL)
166  SD     Mark Gannon              Iowa
167  Chi    Terry Bradley            Chicago State
168  Utah   Michael McCombs          Santa Fe
169  GS     Doug Harris              Central Washington
170  Det    George Wenzel            Augustana
171  Dall   Bill Sadler              Pepperdine
172  Wash   Bernard Perry            Howard
173  Atl    George Thomas            Georgia Tech
174  NYK    Mike Lang                Penn State
175  Den    Cliff Tribus             Davidson
176  KC     Preston Neumayr          Cal State-Davis
177  Port   Frank Smith              Arizona
178  Sea    Ray Smith                Armstrong State
179  NJ     Joe Myers                Duquesne
180  Mil    Brett Burkholder         DePaul
181  Phoe   Mike Mulquin             Villanova
182  SA     Norville Brown           Oklahoma Christian
183  Bos    Trent Johnson            Pittsburgh
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
184  Phil   Gordon Austin            American