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1984 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
185  Ind    Brian Martin             Kansas
186  Chi    Calvin Pierce            Oklahoma
187  Clev   John Shimko              Xavier (OH)
188  Hous   Bill Coon                Presbyterian
189  LAC    Dave Schultz             Westmont
190  Wash   Mike Emanuel             Pembroke State
191  SA     Melvin Roseboro          St. Mary's (TX)
192  GS     Mitch Arnold             Fresno State
193  KC     Greg Turner              Auburn
194  Den    Cecil Exum               North Carolina
195  Atl    Fred Brown               Georgetown
196  Phoe   Buddy Cox                Bellarmine
197  Sea    Mike Williams            Idaho State
198  Dall   John Tudor               Louisiana State
199  Utah   Kelly Knight             Kansas
200  NJ     Billy Ryan               Princeton
201  NYK    Marc Marotta             Marquette
202  Port   Dennis Black             Portland
203  Det    Ben Tower                Michigan State
204  Mil    Edwin Green              Massachusetts
205  Phil   Michael Mitchell         Drexel
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
206  Bos    Joe Dixon                Merrimack

Tenth Round
207  Ind    Gary Carver              Western Kentucky
208  Chi    Carl Lewis               Houston
209  Clev   Darrell Space            NE Illinois
210  Hous   Robert Turner            Canisius
211  LAC    Dick Mumma               Penn State
212  Wash   Glynn Myrick             Stetson
213  GS     Tim Bell                 California-Riverside
214  SA     Frank Rodriguez          New Mexico State
215  Den    Dexter Bailey            Xavier (OH)
216  KC     Victor Coleman           NW Missouri State
217  Atl    Doug Mills               Hofstra
218  Phoe   Ezra Hill                Liberty Baptist
219  Sea    Greg Brandon             Creighton
220  Dall   Napoleon Johnson         Grambling
221  NJ     Phil Jamison             St. Peter's
222  Utah   Mike Curran              Niagara
223  NYK    Mike Henderson           C.W. Post
224  Port   Randy Dunn               George Fox
225  Det    Dan Pelekoudas           Michigan
226  Mil    Mike Toomer              Florida A&M
227  Phil   Martin Clark             Boston College
---  LAL    PASS                     ------------
222  Bos    Dan Trant                Clark