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1985 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
48  Ind    Kenny Patterson          DePaul
49  GS     Brad Wright              UCLA
50  Dall   Leonard Allen            San Diego State
51  Sac    Charles Bradley          South Florida
52  LAC    Anicet Lavodrama         Houston Baptist
53  Sea    Rolando Lamb             Virginia Commonwealth
54  Hous   Sam Mitchell             Mercer
55  Clev   Herb Johnson             Tulsa
56  Phoe   Jerry Everett            Lamar
57  Hous   Michael Payne            Iowa
58  Wash   Vernon Moore             Creighton
59  Atl    Sedric Toney             Dayton
60  Det    Andre Goode              Northwestern
61  Port   Perry Young              Virginia Tech
62  NJ     Nigel Manuel             UCLA
63  Dall   Harold Keeling           Santa Clara
64  Det    Richie Johnson           Evansville
65  Wash   Ken Perry                Southern Illinois
66  Sac    Michael Adams            Boston College
67  Phil   Steve Black              La Salle
68  Mil    Eugene McDowell          Florida
69  Chi    Mike Brown               George Washington
70  Bos    Andre Battle             Loyola (IL)

Fourth Round
71  GS     Luster Goodwin           Texas-El Paso
72  Ind    Vince Hamilton           Clemson
73  NYK    Fred Cofield             Eastern Michigan
74  LAC    Jim Deines               Arizona State
75  Sea    Alex Stivrins            Colorado
76  Sac    Willie Simmons           Louisiana Tech
77  Atl    Arvidas Sabonis          None (Soviet Union)
78  Phoe   Granger Hall             Temple
79  Clev   Mark Davis               Old Dominion
80  Chi    Craig Beard              Samford
81  Wash   Richie Adams             Nevada-Las Vegas
82  SA     Scott Roth               Wisconsin
83  Utah   Delaney Rudd             Wake Forest
84  Atl    John Battle              Rutgers
85  Port   Joe Atkinson             Oklahoma State
86  Dall   Bubba Jennings           Texas Tech
87  Det    Spud Webb                North Carolina State
88  Hous   Mike Brooks              Tennessee
89  Den    Pete Williams            Arizona
90  Phil   Derrick Gervin           Texas-San Antonio
91  Mil    Cozell McQueen           North Carolina State
92  LAL    Dexter Shouse            South Alabama
93  Bos    Cliff Weber              Liberty Baptist