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1985 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
94   Ind    Kelvin Johnson           Richmond
95   GS     Greg Cavener             Missouri
96   NYK    Mike Schlegel            Virginia Commonwealth
97   Sea    Lou Stefanovic           Illinois State
98   Sac    Bob Lojewski             St. Joseph's
99   LAC    Wayne Carlander          USC
100  Atl    Larry Hampton            Hampton Institute
101  Clev   Gunther Behnke           None (West Germany)
102  Phoe   Shawn Campbell           Weber State
103  Chi    Reid Gettys              Houston
104  Wash   Dean Shaffer             Florida State
105  Utah   Ray Hall                 Canisius
106  SA     Clayton Olivier          USC
107  Port   James Anderson           Union (KY)
108  NJ     Kelly Blaine             South Alabama
109  Dall   Tommy Davis              Minnesota
110  Det    Mike Lahm                Murray State
111  Ind    Ivan Daniels             Illinois-Chicago
112  Den    Kenny Brown              Texas A&M
113  Phil   Carl Wright              Southern Methodist
114  Mil    Ray Knight               Providence
115  LAL    Timo Saarelainen         Brigham Young
116  Bos    Albert Butts             La Salle

Sixth Round
117  GS     Gerald Crosby            Georgia
118  Ind    Stu Primus               Boston College
119  NYK    Kent Lockhart            Texas-El Paso
120  Sac    Charles Valentine        Arkansas
121  LAC    Malcolm Thomas           Missouri
122  Sea    Earl Walker              Mercer
123  Atl    Tony Duckett             Lafayette
124  Phoe   Charles Rayne            Temple
125  Clev   Ricky Johnson            Illinois State
126  Chi    Dan Meagher              Duke
127  Wash   Matt England             Houston Baptist
128  SA     Chris Harper             Oregon
129  Utah   Jim Miller               Virginia
130  NJ     George Almones           SW Louisiana
131  Port   Curtis Moore             Nebraska
132  Dall   Carlton Cooper           Texas
133  Det    Vincent Giles            Eastern Michigan
134  Hous   Sam Potter               Oral Roberts
135  Den    Joe Carrabino            Harvard
136  Phil   Daryl Lloyd              Drake
137  Mil    Quentin Anderson         Texas Tech
138  LAL    Tony Neal                Cal State-Fullerton
139  Bos    Ralph Lewis              La Salle