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1986 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
48  SA     Forrest McKenzie         Loyola Marymount
49  Port   Juden Smith              Texas-El Paso
50  Clev   Kevin Henderson          Cal State-Fullerton
51  GS     Mike Williams            Bradley
52  Chi    Ricky Wilson             George Mason
53  Sea    Tod Murphy               California-Irvine
54  LAC    Dwayne Polee             Pepperdine
55  Phoe   Ken Gattison             Old Dominion
56  Phil   Keith Colbert            Virginia Tech
57  Sac    Bruce Douglas            Illinois
58  Wash   David Henderson          Duke
59  GS     Wendell Alexis           Syracuse
60  Port   Drazen Petrovic          Zagreb (Yugoslavia)
61  Utah   John Shasky              Minnesota
62  Dall   Anthony Welch            Illinois
63  Utah   Bill Breeding            Rocky Mountain
64  Den    Don Redden               Louisiana State
65  Atl    Dave Hoppen              Nebraska
66  Hous   Anthony Bowie            Oklahoma
67  Phil   Ron Rowan                St. John's
68  Mil    Baskerville Holmes       Memphis State
69  LAL    Andre Turner             Memphis State
70  Atl    Jim Les                  Bradley

Fourth Round
71  NYK    Calvin Thompson          Kansas
72  Ind    Derrick Taylor           Louisiana State
73  Clev   Warren Martin            North Carolina
74  Chi    Scott Meents             Illinois
75  GS     Dan Bingenheimer         Missouri
76  Sea    Michael Graham           Georgetown
77  Phoe   Grant Gondrezick         Pepperdine
78  LAC    John Brownlee            Texas
79  SA     Carlos Briggs            Baylor
80  Sac    Alvin Franklin           Houston
81  NJ     Steve Hale               North Carolina
82  Wash   Barry Mungar             St. Bonaventure
83  Port   David Shaffer            Florida State
84  Utah   Marty Embry              DePaul
85  Dall   Myron Jackson            Arkansas-Little Rock
86  Det    Chauncey Robinson        Mississippi State
87  Den    Anthony Watson           San Diego State
88  Atl    Efrem Winters            Illinois
89  Hous   Conner Henry             UC Santa Barbara
90  Phil   Wes Stallings            East Tennessee State
91  Sac    Bob Beecher              Virginia Tech
92  LAL    Dale Blaney              West Virginia
93  Bos    Tony Benford             Texas Tech