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1987 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
47  LAC    Tim McCalister           Oklahoma
48  NJ     Jamie Waller             Virginia Union
49  NYK    Jerome Batiste           McNeese State
50  SA     Phil Zevenbergen         Washington
51  Sac    Sven Myer                Oregon
52  Clev   Donald Royal             Notre Dame
53  Phoe   Winston Crite            Texas A&M
54  Den    Tom Schafer              Iowa State
55  Sea    Tommy Amaker             Duke
56  Chi    John Fox                 Millersville State
57  Phil   Hansi Gnad               Alaska-Anchorage
58  GS     Darryl Johnson           Michigan State
59  Wash   Danny Pearson            Jacksonville
60  Ind    Sean Couch               Columbia
61  Utah   Clarence Martin          Western Kentucky
62  Phil   Eric Riggins             Rutgers
63  Port   Kevin Gamble             Iowa
64  Mil    J. J. Weber              Wisconsin
65  Det    Eric White               Pepperdine
66  Dall   Mike Richmond            Texas-El Paso
67  Atl    Song Tao                 None (China)
68  Utah   Billy Donovan            Providence
69  LAL    Willie Glass             St. John's

Fourth Round
70  Bos    Tom Sheehey              Virginia
71  NYK    Mike Morgan              Drake
72  NJ     Andrew Moten             Florida
73  SA     Todd May                 Pikeville
74  Sac    Joe Arlauckas            Niagara
75  Clev   Chris Dudley             Yale
76  Phoe   Steve Beck               Arizona State
77  Den    David Boone              Marquette
78  Sea    Todd Linder              Tampa
79  Chi    Jack Haley               UCLA
80  Clev   Carven Holcomb           Texas Christian
81  Wash   Scott Thompson           San Diego
82  Hous   Joe Niego                Lewis (IL)
83  GS     Benny Bolton             North Carolina State
84  Utah   Reuben Holmes            Alabama State
85  Phil   Brian Rahilly            Tulsa
86  Port   Norwood Barber           Florida State
87  Mil    Darryl Bedford           Austin Peay
88  Det    Dave Popson              North Carolina
89  Dall   David Johnson            Oklahoma
90  Atl    Theofanis Christodoulou  None (Greece)
91  Bos    Darryl Kennedy           Oklahoma
92  LAL    Ralph Tally              Norfolk State