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1987 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
93   LAC    Chad Kessler             Georgia
94   NJ     James Blackmon           Kentucky
95   NYK    Glenn Clem               Vanderbilt
96   SA     Dennis Williams          Georgia
97   Sac    Vernon Carr              Michigan State
98   Clev   Carl Lott                Texas Christian
99   Phoe   Brent Counts             Pacific
100  Den    Ron Grandison            New Orleans
101  Sea    Michael Tait             Clemson
102  Chi    Anthony Wilson           Louisiana State
103  Ind    Mike Milling             North Carolina-Charlotte
104  Hous   Andre LaFleur            Northeastern
105  GS     Terry Williams           Southern Methodist
106  Wash   Patrick Fairs            Texas
107  Utah   Bart Kofoed              Kearney State
108  Phil   Frank Ross               American
109  Port   David Moss               Tulsa
110  Mil    Brian Vaughns            UC Santa Barbara
111  Det    Gerry Wright             Iowa
112  Dall   Sam Hill                 Iowa State
113  Atl    Jose Antonio Montero     Barcelona (Spain)
114  Bos    Dave Butler              California

Sixth Round
115  LAL    Kenny Travis             New Mexico State
116  LAC    Martin Nessley           Duke
117  NYK    Howard Triche            Syracuse
118  NJ     Perry Bromwell           Penn
119  SA     Ricky Brown              South Alabama
120  Sac    Darryl Thomas            Indiana
121  Clev   Harold Jensen            Villanova
122  Phoe   Marcel Boyce             Akron
123  Den    Kelvin Scarborough       New Mexico
124  Sea    Tom Gneiting             Brigham Young
125  Chi    Doug Altenberger         Illinois
126  Ind    Gary Graham              Nevada-Las Vegas
127  GS     Sarunas Marciulionis     Vilnius Lithuania (Soviet Union)
128  Wash   Dwayne Scholten          Washington State
129  Hous   Fred Jenkins             Tennessee
130  Utah   Art Sabb                 Bloomfield (NJ)
131  Phil   Tracy Foster             Alabama-Birmingham
132  Port   Bernard Johnson          Loyola (IL)
133  Mil    Gay Elmore               Virginia Military Institute
134  Det    Antoine Joubert          Michigan
135  Dall   Quintan Gates            Texas-El Paso
136  Atl    Riccardo Morandou        Turino (Italy)
137  Bos    Tim Naegeli              Wisconsin-Stevens Point
138  LAL    Frank Ford               Auburn