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1987 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
139  LAC    Henry Carr               Wichita State
140  NJ     Frank Booker             Bowling Green
141  NYK    Wayne Williams           St. Joseph's
142  SA     Raynard Davis            Texas
143  Sac    Scott Adubato            Upsala
144  Clev   Michael Foster           South Carolina
145  Phoe   Roy Singleton            Grand Canyon
146  Den    Rowan Gomes              Hampton Institute
147  Sea    Mike Giomi               North Carolina State
148  Chi    Earvin Leavy             Central Michigan
149  Ind    Montel Hatcher           UCLA
150  Wash   Jamie Dixon              Texas Christian
151  Hous   Clarence Grier           Campbell
152  GS     Ronnie Leggette          West Virginia State
153  Utah   Keith Webster            Harvard
154  Phil   Eric Semisch             West Virginia
155  Port   Kenny Stone              George Fox
156  Den    Curtis Hunter            North Carolina
157  Det    Mark Gottfried           Alabama
158  Dall   Gerald White             Auburn
159  Atl    Franjo Arapovic          None (Yugoslavia)
160  Bos    Jerry Corcoran           Northeastern
161  LAL    Ron Vanderschaaf         Central Washington