uscaa The Draft Review - The Draft Review
  • Name: United States Collegiate Athletic Association
  • Total Members: 85 Colleges
  • Location: Nofolk, Virginia

Colleges in the United States that meet set criteria from the Board of Directors offering educational quality that meet or exceed criteria that is required to grant the school an accreditation. The USCAA provides a national setting that traditional and nontraditional institutions can strive in. The membership is made up of several types of nationally accredited higher education programs. Member institutions offer four year degrees, associates degrees, and trade opportunities. The USCAA has worked to formulate an association that provides an equal playing field for each type of institution. USCAA members typically have small enrollment figures that range between 500 and 2000. The USCAA is proud of its institutions and their outstanding athletic programs, and wants to provide a place where diverse schools feel welcome and can compete at a national level.

The following criteria will be considered in determining the applying institution’s fit in the association.

1.) Institution is considered a small college. Generally, institutions with full-time enrollments over 3,000 full-time students will not be considered.
2.) Institution has similar resources including but not limited to budget, scholarship monies, human resource, etc. as current member institutions.
3.) Institution is on a similar competitive level as other member institutions, as determined by the board of directors.