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0 #2 Guest 2009-08-04 11:48
Aleksander name can be spelled two ways just to make this clear it can be Aleksandar or Aleksander but common way is Aleksandar but nothing wrong with spelling his name Aleksander to. both ways work
+1 #1 JE 2009-08-01 20:27
I will start of saying the raptors had a bad draft year that year they had drafted a highshooler who now is trying to get back into the NBA his name is johnathen Bender the 5 pick in the 1999 draft. If he turn out good coming back it want be so bad becaues Bender had a lot of skills and talent good luck for Bender. But back to what i was saying the raptors draft this guy Aleksander Radojevic he had played the junior college basketball thats a risk pick only if he turns out a bad player. He only got 15 ponits a game in college and was the 12th pick in the draft he went this high in the draft and did not show anything in the NBA only played in 15 games thats bad enough and was a lottery pick and went before players like Ron Artest and corey Maggette thoes 2 players should have went 12th pick in the 1999 draft It is clear that Aleksandar Radojevic is a all time bust and a raptors worst pick ever if more come a long he may not be the raptors worst pick ever but he is a bust and was really no good in nba should have never ben in the NBA right away. He should have went back to his country somewhere becaues NBA was to good for him to keep up. I can see some what why you take a chance drafting a guy like him becaues his height is 73, you cant teach height and i think thats what i think the GM of the raptors liked had to be the big height becaues his statistics was very low nine rebounds his last season in junor basketball you think at 73 tall Aleksander Radojevic would be a great rebounder like geting 15 rebounds a game but got only nine thats bad he should be a better rebounder. The Gm name is Patrick Dolman i think this pick right here is what got him fired from Gm. Aleksander did play in one of the best junior college conference in the nation its called blackhawk. His team plays dodge community college and seward community college. Aleksander Radojevic had got the chance to shake David Stern hand that night if anything he should have not ben able to go to the draft and watch at home becaues shaking sterns hand is only for the NBA players that are good not ones that are bust and bad players thats the way i look at it. I tell you people who read this that if Aleksander Radojevic went undrafted that night no body in the building would have not even known who he is. The only people who known who Aleksander Radojevic is was the NBA scouts and the people who work for the NBA. The fans watching the draft did not have a clue who Aleksander Radojevic was. Thats from what i hear never even seen him play the people watching did not known to clap or anything to do really when they heard David Stern call his name. I heard him saying on a video saying i am going to move my family with me to Canada on draft night I dont thing that happen becaues before he knew it he was out of Canada and the raptors did not want anything to do with him.He bounce around the NBA to a few teams and got injuries and that was the end of his NBA career. I am sure the raptors learned a lot from this pick. If the were drafting overseas with the 12th pick they should have took some body like manu ginobili not Aleksander Radojevic. He only did a few good things before the NBA he took his junior college team to the championship game and Barton County college lost to indian hills community college. Indian hills had palyers that were in the championship game drafted to the NBA witch was Corey hightower and Erenst brown i think Barton county never ben back there since. Barton county college is in a small town in kansas. The only good junior college player it ben is Shawn kemp in the nba. Aleksander Radojevic He plays now for APoel B.C. in cyprus thats good that he plays some where and still trying to keep his dream going eventhoug it wont be the NBA. Its bad NBA scouts might not be so fast to scout for a player at Barton county college becaues Aleksander Radojevic may have made it bad for scouts to come there. But if a player really good they may take a chance on him but they have to not be Alksander Radojevic if they drafted out of the same school. I bet nobody i...

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