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1967 ABA

First Five Rounds - Darrell Hardy, Baylor; Bob Krulish, Pacific; Bob Lewis,
North Carolina; Mike Lynn UCLA; Tom Workman, Seattle
Additional Rounds - Jim Connolly, Virginia; Denny Holman, Southern
Methodist; Edgar Lacy, UCLA; Les Powell, Utah State; Malcolm Strong,
Seattle; Gary Williams, Oklahoma State; Mike Wittman, Miami (FL)

First Five Rounds - Matt Aitch (1), Michigan State; Jim Burns (2), Northwestern;
Gary Gray (3), Oklahoma City; Pat Riley (4), Kentucky; Jamie Thompson (5),
Wichita State
Additional Rounds - Paul Brateris, Tennessee Wesleyan; Jeff Fitch, East
Texas State; Ted Manning, North Carolina A&T; Duane Heckman, Dickinson;
Gilbert McDowell, Tennessee Wesleyan; Jerry Southwood, Vanderbilt; Tom
Storm, Montana State

First Five Rounds - Walt Frazier (1), Southern Illinois; Neville Shedd (2),
Texas Western; Bob Rule (3), Colorado State University; Gary Keller (4),
Florida; Byron Beck (5), Denver
Additional Rounds - Vaughn Harper, Syracuse; Rick Dean, Syracuse; Neil
Heskin Georgetown; Dave Lattin, Texas Western; John Morrison, Canisius;
Neil Roberts, Brigham Young; Bill Turner, Akron

First Five Rounds - Bob Benfield, West Virginia; Tony Eatmon, Pan-American;
Bob Riedy, Duke; Frank Stronczek American International; Keith Swagerty,
Additional Rounds - Don Carlos, Otterbein; Hal Hale, Utah State; Guy
Manning, Prairie View, Jim Monahan, Notre Dame; Mike Nau, Oregon State;
Jerry Pettway, Northwood Institute,(MI); Dale Schlueter, Colorado State

First Five Rounds - Charles Beasley, Southern Methodist; Jim Dawson,
Illinois; Craig Dill, Michigan; Bob Netolicky, Drake; Jim Walker,
Additional Rounds - Frank Gaidjunes, Villanova; Jerry Jones, Iowa; Ron
Kozlicki, Northwestern; Hubie Marshall, LaSalle; Ed McKee, Rockburst; Bill
Russell, Indiana; Gene Washington, Michigan State

First Five Rounds - Louie Dampier, Kentucky; Clem Haskins, Western
Kentucky; Dwight Smith, Western Kentucky; Willie Wolters, Boston College;
Bob Verga, Duke
Additional Rounds - Earl Beecham, Midwestern University; Mel Cox, Central
Washington; Ken Gibbs, Vanderbilt; Pres Judy, Georgia Tech; Gwendell
MacSwain, Valdosta State; Randy Mahaffey, Clemson; John Smith, Kent State

First Five Rounds - Mel Daniels, New Mexico; Phil Jackson, North Dakota;
Bob Lloyd, Rutgers; Tim Powers, Creighton; Sam Smith, Kentucky Western
Additional Rounds - Al Clark, Eastern Kentucky; Gary Gregor, South
Carolina; Erv Inniger, Indiana; Rich Jones, Illinois; Lindberg Moody, South
Carolina State; Errol Palmer, DePaul Ron Perry, Virginia Poly Institute

First Five Rounds - Robert Allen, Arkansas AM&N; John Dickson, Arkansas
State; James Jones, Grambling; Paul Long, Wake Forest; Ron Widby,
Additional Rounds - Al Andrews, Tulane; George Carter, St. Bonaventure;
Carl Head, West Virginia; Allan Parris, Utah; Jeff Ramsey, Florida; Bob
Seagren, Southern California; Dexter Westbrook, Providence

First Five Rounds - Sonny Dove, St. John's; Mal Graham, New York
University; George Stone, Marshall; Dick Pruett, Jacksonville Bob Wolf,
Additional Rounds - Tim Edwards, Amherst; Dan Hansard, St. Thomas (MN);
Frank Holloendoner, Georgetown; Harry Laurie, St. Peters (NJ)

First Five Rounds - Wes Bialosuknia, Connecticut; Gordy Harris Washington;
Richie Moore, Hiram Scott; Al Salvadori, South Carolina; Al Tucker,
Oklahoma Baptist
Additional Rounds - Art Allen, Bethune-Cookman; Nate Branch, Nebraska; Mike
Davis, Virginia Union; Dave Fox, Pacific; Ron Franz, Kansas; Bill Morgan,
New Mexico; Marlbert Pradd, Dillard

First Five Rounds - Cliff Anderson, St. Joseph's (PA); Barry Liebowitz,
Long Island; Earl Monroe, Winston-Salem; Craig Raymond, Brigham Young; Tom
Washington, Cheyney State
Additional Rounds - Frank Card, North Carolina A&T; Ron Coleman, Missouri;
Chris Kefalos, Temple; Mike Riordan, Providence; John Schroeder, Ohio
University; Steve Sullivan, Georgetown; Jim Southerland, Clemson

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