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1969 ABA

First Five Rounds - L. C. Bowen, Bradley; Mel Coleman, Stout (WI); Steve
Kuberski, Bradley; Steve Mix, Toledo; Jesse Price, Milliken; Neal Walk,
Second Five Rounds - Howie Dickerman, Central Connecticut; Gene Ford,
Western Michigan; Gene Littles High Point (NC); Jack Stenner, Missouri at
St. Louis; Justus Thigpen, Weber State
Additional Rounds - Phil Argento, Kentucky; Rudy Bennett, New York Tech

First Five Rounds - Willie Brown, Middle Tennessee; Bobby Christian,
Grambling; Tom Hagan, Vanderbilt; A. W. Holt, Jackson State (MS); Ciff Shegogg,
Colorado State
Second Five Rounds - Butch Beard, Louisville; Jake Ford, Maryland State;
Jud Roberts, Mercer (GA); Ron Sanford, New Mexico; Willie Scott, Troy State
Additional Rounds - Fred Carter, Mt. St. Mary's (MD)

First Five Rounds - Bob Presley (1), California; Bob Portman (2), Creighton;
Isiah King (3), Hiram Scott; Greg Wittman (4A), Western Carolina; Jerry King,
(4B), Louisville; Bob Tallent (5), George Washington;
Second Five Rounds - Elnardo Webster (6), St. Peter's (NJ); Bill Justus (7),
Tennessee; Larry Jeffries (8), Trinity (TX); Harry Hall (9), Wyoming; Jim Healey
(10), Rockhurst (MO)
Additional Rounds - Roy Hinton (11), Central (OH) State; Al Cueto (12), Tulsa

First Five Rounds - Bob Arnzen, Notre Dame; Dick Grubar, North Carolina;
Tony Masiello, Canisius; Willie McCarter, Drake
Second Five Rounds - Bill Deher, Indiana; Dave Golden, Duke; Bill Keller,
Purdue; Gerald McKee, Ohio; Ron Peret Texas A&M
Additional Rounds - John Jamerson, Fairmont State (WV); Jim Stephenson,

First Five Rounds - Bob Dandridge, Norfolk State (VA); Herm Gilliam,
Purdue; Mike Grosso, Louisville; Dave Scholz, Illinois; Gene Williams,
Kansas State.
Second Five Rounds - Chris Ellis, Virginia Tech; Dick Garrett, Southern
Illinois; Willie Norwood, Alcorn A&M; Dan Sadlier, Dayton; Bobby
Washington, Eastern Kentucky
Additional Rounds - Doug Brittelle, Rutgers; Gary Major, Duquesne

First Five Rounds - John Baum, Temple; Simmie Hill, West Texas State; Bobby
Smith, Tulsa; Dennis Stewart, Michigan; Ted Weirman, Washington State
Second Five Rounds - Mack Calvin, Southern California; Mike Davis, Colorado
State; Roger Moeler, Westmar (IA); Dan Obrovac, Dayton; Leroy Winfield,
North Texas State
Additional Rounds - Vince Fritz, Oregon State; Floyd Kerr, Colorado State

First Five Rounds - Bill Bunting, North Carolina; Larry Cannon, LaSalle;
Bob Greacen, Rutgers; John Jones, Villanova; Wilbert Jones, Albany State
(GA); Jim Smith, Northern Illinois
Second Five Rounds - Johnny Allen, Bethune-Cookman; John Faircloth,
Biscayne (FL); Luther Green, Long Island; Larry Lewis, St. Francis (PA);
Lynn Shackelford, UCLA
Additional Rounds - Ed Szczesny, LaSalle

First Five Rounds - Luther Rackley, Xavier (Ohio); George Thompson,
Marquette; Bob Whitmore, Notre Dame
Second Five Rounds - Charley Bonaparte, Norfolk State (VA); Charles Hentz,
Arkansas AM&N; Wilbur Kirkland, Cheney State (PA); Lee Lafayette, Michigan
State; Kari Liimo, Brigham Young.
Additional Rounds - Mike Davis, Virginia Union; Bill English, Winston -
Salem; Rich Tyler, Cheyney (PA) State

First Five Rounds - John Arthurs, Tulane; Rusty Clark, North Carolina; Dave
Nash, Kansas; Harley Swift, East Tennessee State; Willie Taylor, Temple
Second Five Rounds - Sammy Little, Delta State (MS); Charley Powell, Loyola
(LA); James Wyatt, Northwestern Louisiana; Passed in ninth and 10th rounds

First Five Rounds - Lew Alcindor, UCLA; Terry Driscoll, Boston College;
Rick Roberson, Cincinnati; Ed Siudet, Holy Cross; Chris Thomford,
Princeton; Norm Van Lier, St. Francis (PA)
Second Five Rounds - Bill Evans, Boston College; Tom Haggerty, Brandeis;
Rob Washington, New York University
Additional Rounds - Jess Claypool, Grove City (PA); Marv Lewis, Southhampton (NY)

First Five Rounds - Jack Gillespie, Montana State; Lamar Green, Morehead
State (KY); Dan Griffin, Stanford; Edward Mast, Temple; Ron Taylor,
Southern California
Second Five Rounds - Bill Bowes, Elon; Joe Comer, Temple; Lloyd Kerr,
Colorado State; Ken Spain, Houston; George Tinsley, Kentucky Wesleyan
Additional Rounds - Jim Johnson, Wisconsin; Ron Teixeria, Holy Cross


0 #1 Guest 2011-06-02 07:10
Willie Scott, a Dallas Chaparral pick, was not out of Troy State. He was one of the leading scorers in the SIAC out of Alabama State University, Montgomery, Alabama.

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