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1970 ABA

First Five Rounds - Bob Leinhard, Georgia; Pete Maravich, Louisiana State;
Greg McDivit, Ohio University; Vann Williford North Carolina State
Second Five Rounds - Paul Adams, Central Washington; Carl Johnson, Gustavus
Adolphus; Earnest Killum, Stetson; Wayne Sokolowski, Ashland State
Third Five Rounds - Don Adams, Northwestern; Norvis Anderson, Stephen F.
Austin; John Fultz, Rhode Island; Chuck Lloyd, Yankon; Jim Signorile, New
York University

First Five Rounds - Spencer Haywood (1), Detroit; John Vallely (2), UCLA;
Greg Hyder (3), Eastern New Mexico; Ron St. Pierre (4), Hanover; Greg Daust
(5A), Missouri-St. Louis; Dan Hester (5B), Louisiana State;
Second Five Rounds - John Marren(6A), Manhattan; Larry Mikan (6B), Minnesota;
Joe McBride (7), Augusta; Ron Becker (8), New Mexico; Jim Penix (9), Bowling
Green; Mike Price (10), Illinois
Third Five Rounds - Ken Warzyski (11), DePaul; Fred Taylor (12), Pan American

First Five Rounds - John Hummer, Princeton; Sam Robinson, Long Beach State
Second Five Rounds - Clarence Ellis, Albany State (GA); Levi Fontaine,
Maryland State; Walt Gilmore, Fort Valley State (GA); John McKinney, Norfolk
State; Fran O'Hanlon, Villanova; Dan Sager, Kentucky State; Gary Zeller,
Third Five Rounds - Rubin Daniels, Cheyney State

First Five Rounds - Dennis Awtrey, Santa Clara; Vince Fritz, Oregon State;
Rick Mount, Purdue; Surry Oliver, Stephen F. Austin
Second Five Rounds - Don Curnutt, Miami; Rick Erickson, Washington State;
Billy Jones, Louisiana College; Jerry Kroll, Davidson; Bob Reily, Mt. St.
Third Five Rounds - Heyward Dotson, Columbia; Mickey Foster, Arizona;
Seaburn Hill, Arizona State; Ted Hillery, St. Joseph's (IN); Jeff Sewell,

First Five Rounds - Pete Cross, San Francisco; Dan Issel, Kentucky; Mike
Pratt, Kentucky; Claude Virden, Murray State; Howard Wright, Austin Peay
Second Five Rounds - Joe Bergman, Creighton; Mike Casey, Kentucky; Ted
Rose, Northern Michigan; Charles Wallace, Oklahoma City; Al Williams, Drake
Third Five Rounds - Skip Hess, Toledo; Perry Wallace, Vanderbilt; Lou West,
Seattle; Willie Woods, Eastern Kentucky

First Five Rounds - Garfield Heard, Oklahoma; George Johnson, Stephen F.
Austin; Sam Lacey, New Mexico State; Wendell Ladner, Mississippi Southern
Second Five Rounds - Charles Bishop, Louisiana Tech; Coby Dietrick, San
Jose State; George Johnson, Dillard; Robert Mabry, Rio Grande; Marvin
Winkler, Southwestern Louisiana
Third Five Rounds - Ron Coleman, Mississippi; Frank Lorthridge, Pan
American; Andy Owens, Florida

First Five Rounds - Jim Ard, Cincinnati; Doug Cook, Davidson; Jim Hayes,
Boston University, Bob Lanier, St. Bonaventure; Geoff Petrie, Princeton
Second Five Rounds - Joe DePre St. John's; Harvey Marlatt, Eastern
Michigan; Rod McIntyre, Jacksonville; Carleton Poole, Philadelphia Textile;
Ollie Taylor, Houston
Third Five Rounds - Dale Kelley, Northwestern; Carl Macklin, Florida State;
Erwin Polnick, Stephen F. Austin; Mike Switzer, Texas-El Paso; John
Venable, Kansas State

First Five Rounds - Vic Bartolome, Oregon State; George Janky, Dayton; Mike
Maloy, Davidson; Rex Morgan, Jacksonville; Calvin Murphy, Niagara; Doug
Ogletree, Cincinnati; Cornell Warner, Jackson State
Second Five Rounds - Lou Herndon, Jackson State; Lavern Howard, Grambling;
Bill Jankins, Long Beach State
Third Five Rounds - Robert Kornegay, Hampton Institute; Boyd Lynch, Eastern
Kentucky; Willie Watson, Oklahoma City; Jimmy Wilson, Cheyney State; Billy
Zopf, Duquesne

First Five Rounds - Nate Archibald, Texas-El Paso; Immanual Cannon,
Grambling; Bob Croft, Tennessee; Joe Hamilton, North Texas State; John
Johnson, Iowa; Stan Love, Oregon
Second Five Rounds - Michael Bernard, Kentucky State; Bill Cain, Iowa
State; Randall Causey, McMurry College; Al Henry, Wisconsin; Steve
Patterson, UCLA; Glen Vidnovic, Iowa
Third Five Rounds - Paul Brown, Arkansas Tech; Ron Pitts, Wiley

First Five Rounds - Carl Ashley, Wyoming; Jim Collins, New Mexico State; Dave
Cowens, Florida State; Fred Davis, Howard Payne; Jim McMillian, Columbia;
Dave Sorensen, Ohio State; Rudy Tomjanovich, Michigan
Second Five Rounds - Stan Dodds, Wyoming; Virgil Frederich, Drury; Ralph
Ogden, Santa Clara; Israel Oliver, Elizabeth City (NC); Bill Stricker,
Pacific; Kevin Wilson, Ashland (CO)
Third Five Rounds - Bruce Chapman, Nevada-Las Vegas; Dennis Clark,
Springfield; Ron Knight, California State-Los Angeles; Robert Moore,
Central State (OH); Lou Small, Nevada-Las Vegas
First Five Rounds - Gary Freeman, Oregon State; James Gilbert, Adams State
(CO); Greg Howard, New Mexico; George Irvine, Washington; Bill Paultz, St.
John's; Charlie Scott, North Carolina
Second Five Rounds - Tommy Carter, Paul Quinn; Tom Everette, Carson -
Newman; Curtis Perry, Southwest Missouri State; Paul Ruffner, Brigham
Young; Will Teague Youngstown
Third Five Rounds - Charles Bloodworth, Northwest Louisiana State; Leon
Edmund, Portland; Andy Jennings, Adolphus Broadus; George Jerman, West New
England; Scott Warner, Brigham Young

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