ImageMatthew Maurer, an NBA Draft Historian and Analyst, is the brains behind, an online basketball draft history database. The website's aim is to curate, preserve, and memorialize the rich history of the NBA Draft, including its teams, players, and the stories surrounding its historical events. Maurer created the site out of a need to ensure that the neglected but crucial history of the NBA Draft is thoroughly and accurately recorded.

 In his dual role as a draft analyst, Maurer specializes in evaluating NBA pro prospects. Each season, he critically assesses and provides recommendations on the draft stock of a wide range of players. Previously, Maurer served as the Senior Scout for He currently offers insightful draft takes that feature in publications such as CBS Sports, Eurobasket, Vice Sports,, and ESPN. He is frequently featured on sports radio programs across the country and serves on the executive board of the Association for Professional Basketball Research.

Maurer's biggest achievement to date is being the only historian to track, chronicle and provide complete details on every player ever drafted by an NBA franchise. Previously, this scope of work was inaccessible, as no one had ever done research of this kind. The database features over 8,714 players, with each extensively reviewed for draft day height, weight, birthdate, birthplace, profile image, and a complete career breakdown with college stats supplied to every player profile. Further study was done to correct inaccuracies involving names and draft picks, as well as to solve numerous decades-old draft day mysteries.

Each player, from the greatest legends to the almost forgotten, has accomplished what few are able to achieve - their names have been called on draft night. Although some former players have met with adversity, others have gone on to achieve beyond the court. Some are now doctors, lawyers, architects, and even clergymen. Behind each ballplayer is a man with a compelling story. The Draft Review gives them recognition so they won't be forgotten.