Washington Resigns Former Bullet Juwan Howard

July 31, 1996

MIAMI -- The NBA rejected Miami's Juwan Howard contract saying that the contract exceeded the salary cap. The league said that Miami was careless and did not follow protocol in signing Howard and that Miami reached an agreement with Alonzo Mourning prior to signing Howard and, thus, Mourning's 96-97 salary counts against the cap.

August 10, 1996

WASHINGTON -- the NBA and Miami Heat have reached an out-of-court agreement and Juwan Howard is now officially a member of the Washington Bullets again. Howard's contract with Washington is a 7 year, $105 million deal.

As a result of re-signing Howard, Washington loses their 1997 first round draft pick (no other team gets the pick - it simply disappears) and gets to keep free agent signees Tracy Murray and Lorenzo Williams, who were signed after Howard "signed" with Miami and Washington renounced their rights to Howard.

Sources: NBA.com,USA Today,ESPN

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