Howard Re-signs with Washington


August 06, 1996

Baltimore -- The Washington Bullets on Monday re-signed free agent Juwan Howard just five days after his seven-year, $100 million deal with the Miami Heat was rejected by the league.

The Bullets did not disclose the terms of the seven-year deal. Howard's agent David Falk, was traveling outside the country and not available for comment

Howard also refused to comment. However, since Washington had engaged in a number of other player transactions after renouncing the right to Howard NBA Commissioner David Stern concluded that the Bullets must forfeit their 1997 first-round draft choice if they wished to sign Howard.

Which uniform Howard will wear next season, however is still tied up in the courts.

Howard, who became a free agent last month, signed with Miami in mid-July after turning down a reported $90 million offer by the Bullets. The NBA rejected the Miami Deal last Wednesday, Saying the Heat exceeded the league's salary cap by agreeing to pay Howard $9 million next season.

The Heat last Friday went to court in Florida, challenging the NBA's decision. Dade County Circuit Judge Joseph Farina issued a temporary injunction prohibiting Howard and the NBA from entering into and-or approving an NBA contract until arbitrators settle the dispute over Howard's contract.

A hearing to settle the dispute is scheduled to be held later this month.

Sources: Associated Press

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