keith-brumbaugh The Draft Review - The Draft ReviewRemember Keith Brumbaugh? He was the top 15 recruit that entered the 2005 NBA Draft out of high school but later withdrew to play for Oklahoma State. The media and basketball community applauded his decision, but after he was charged with shoplifting at an Oklahoma Wal-Mart the NCAA questioned his ACT score and required him to retake the test. Brumbaugh transferred without ever playing a single game for Oklahoma State.

His journey then took him to Chipola Junior College (one of the finest junior college basketball programs in the nation) where he took summer courses, but Brumbaugh got into more trouble for possession of marijuana and was kicked off the team. He was written off as another wasted talent and quickly forgotten…or maybe not.

Keith Brumbaugh has learned from his youthful indiscretions and is back in the game setting the nets on fire at Hillsborough Community College. Not convinced? This sophomore’s game is quite impressive.

In six games this season Brumbaugh has averaged a staggering 41 points and 13 rebounds. As a 6-10 small forward he incredibly demonstrates ball handling skills and perimeter shooting. Even more impressive is the 6 assists per game he’s racked up. I had the opportunity to speak with Brumbaugh’s head coach, Derrick Worrels, about his willingness to share the ball.

“Keith understands how to get his teammates involved,” said Coach Worrels. “The most important thing for him to realize is that what may be an easy play for him may not be something his teammates are capable of converting.”

Brumbaugh’s numbers speak for themselves, but has he really changed as a person?

“Keith has had to learn when and how to deal with people,” stated Worrels. “I mean, not everyone that you know is good for you. If anything I would say his past has made him even more cautious around people. He’s a great kid. You really can’t go off what some have printed about him.”

Its obvious Brumbaugh will end up at a major Division I college. South Florida and Ohio State are already eyeing his development. I’ll also be following his growth as a player, but most importantly, his off the court conduct. In a world where corruption and far worse crimes are committed every day, I truly hope Brumbaugh will silence the critics that continue to judge him on his past.

Keep Keith Brumbaugh on your list of NBA draft talents to watch.

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-1 #33 TIARA 2009-11-09 21:17
I give u a Standing~Ovation Keith! I'm so proud of u, I knew u were still determined. So glad ur wish has finnaly been granted, bc u have been threw the storm. It has been awhile, hope u read this. . I wish u the best of LUCK, and may God continue to Bless you! {Tiara, Tally-ho}
0 #32 Monique 2009-06-29 21:38
Keith Brumbaugh is an outstanding kid. I had the opportunity to get to know him. He was trying to grow up before his time. Seems he has it going on now. Good luck Keith... I hope you're reading this. Houston, Texas.
0 #31 Guest 2008-11-08 14:08
before even the season started, pinar karsiyaka and keith decided to go on their own ways...
0 #30 Easteafar 2008-09-27 08:06
Pinar Karsiyaka is always a jump point for USA basketballers.They are playing 1 season in Karsiyaka and transferred by a big team of Europe. And than maybe NBA again...(Like Henry Domercant,Marcus Slaughter,Gary Neal,Quinton Hosley)
0 #29 Guest 2008-09-15 03:56
He is gonna play for Pinar Karsiyaka, in Turkey. I hope he will be successful and next year go back to NBA again. I'm really impatient to watch him.
0 #28 Guest 2008-06-24 20:39
I think this guy is the real deal. Minus his past infractions and the sorry situations of stupidity that he's taken in the past I can see him in a lakers uniform. He was ranked higher than hansbrough at one point and everyone in the nation was looking at him. Sometimes our youthful ways tend to block our future paths. He should have his agent contact LA and get and individual workout. I know that he could be a great addition to the triangle with a great coach like Phil. Check the starting lineup. Fisher,Brumbaugh,Bryant,Gasol,Bynum with Vujacic being the best 6th man in the league or rotating him and Fish. Send Radmonavich, Walton, and Odom packing and let's build this team of winners starting with this pick in the second round.
0 #27 David Maradiaga 2008-06-05 14:24
I played against Keith in Deltona High. (Wolves vs. Bulldogs) He was more than we could handle. He was a force and Mr. Basketball that year. He has made his mistakes and paid his dues. Somebody should consider him for their NBA team.
0 #26 Cathy Bravo 2008-06-04 20:18
He is the best thing I ever seem in my life!! He is a complete player and who ever pick him will be Bless.
0 #25 352 boi 2008-05-19 15:30
I remember this dude murdering Wesley Green (senior) as a sophmore. Keep your head up brah. Lake County behind you
0 #24 Guest 2008-05-08 20:11
I used to sit next to him in jewelery making class in HS no lie.See his pic hes always smiling like that

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